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  1. Since Grievous wasn't Force sensitive, I'm going with a choice not on the list: Darth Bandon. That guy was lame all the way through.
  2. *lol* I like our German Atton's soft voice better than the American one. But Bao-Dur... always shouting... Does anyone have any other languages for us to hear? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ironic,since the american Bao-Dur sounds like he's on the verge of being Autistic. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> He doesn't sound autistic. He does remind me of a "Cool Hand Bao" type of character, though. My favorite Bao line is probably the "You threaten Atton with a lightsaber..." one. I love the way he says "Nooooooooooooo." at the end. :cool:
  3. Thank you ever so much! And yeah, after I asked, I realized that it would be alot of tedious time consumption to recreate wavs of all of HK's lines.
  4. Could I make a request for the Handmaiden Echani poetry lines & any or all of the HK-47/HK-50 lines. Especially the "Mocking Query: Coorta. Coorta, are you dead yet?" & the definition of love lines?
  5. Most likely because they were being commanded to do so by HK-50. Although I haven't done so, I believe that you can force/ask Visas to not accompany you on the trip to the Ravager. Most likely because those 4 signals would be acknowledged as coming from areas of the ship other than the missile bays. Although if Mandalore's purpose is to destroy the ship, or if it's to disable it & then take command of it to use as a Mandalorian ship is unknown. Because he believes that dealing with the Hutts would be bad business for the Republic, hence him trying to disallow Vogga from shipping fuel to Telos. He actually does. When that scene happens, I normally get a couple of medpacks from Atton. He needed to be prepared to fight Mira, as well as to actually survive making it to Malachor's surface intact, and to survive once there. Because the main "vessel" that transports Goto around in wasn't destroyed. Sorry to be so cryptic, but I'm not sure if you've gotten all of Goto's backstory from talking to his droid or not. That was the signal that Goto was sending out to command the droids under his control. Those droids were the ones that were sabotaging Vogga's shipping operations, for instance. Also tied into the signal Goto was casting, as well as his backstory gotten from his droid that joins you. Because the mercs would have taken him to whomever was running the whole operation(mercs usually act as the muscle of an operation, not as the brains behind it), and he believed that he could have ended the situation from there. He believed wrong, of course, but that's what he believed. Most likely it was still programmed from when the Jedi maintained the Enclave. Jedi recruit other potential Jedi as children, and they wouldn't be allowed access to the mainframe normally. Because the Generator, when last used, had the function of causing a wide scale implosion that sucked in parts of the planet into itself, as well as most of the ships orbiting the planet when the Generator was used. When Remote powered them back up, he reversed that effect, which would expel those ships back into orbit, as well as destroy the planet by dispersing the impacted chunks of it. Picture the whole scenario as sucking in a deep breath. The inhaling of the breath would equate to Bao-Dur activating the Generators during the Mandalorian War. And when you would exhale that deep breath, it would be the same as when Remote activated it to destroy the planet. The breath is released and forced outward, the same as the matter of the planet was. Because in the Dark Side ending, the ship falls into the chasm, never to be seen again. Because when you actually make it down to the bridge area & can see the ship above you, notice that you cannot actually walk directly underneath it, and you can only see it at an angle. The chasm is there, but you can't see it from the Hawk's crash point.
  6. What I'd like to see implemented in KOTOR 3: INFLUENCE SYSTEM & CLASS UPGRADING I'd like to see the influence system improved, both by adding in more spots to influence party members, and actually implement(if possible) multiple influence gains/losses per influence spot. Say, if you were to kill some merchant, 1 party member would voice their displeasure in your actions & you lose influence with them, while the other party member would embrace your actions and you'd gain influence with them. I'd also enjoy seeing an altering to the final influence-to-Jedi system. What I mean by that is, keep the "NPC can become a Jedi" part of the system, but also add in new upgrade classes for characters, just in case players want become something else. And you would get to choose which direction their class change would go to. But make sure to make the NPC upgrades logically flow with their established characters. What I'm visioning would go something like: 1)Soldier- would upgrade into either a Ranger/Stormtrooper(ranged based) or a Blademaster(melee based), with bonus feats alligned for either choice. As a Jedi, if you chose to upgrade them into, they'd become either a Guardian or a Sentinel. 2)Scout- would upgrade into either a Bounty Hunter(ranged based) or a melee based class of appropriate name. As a Jedi, they'd be the ONLY NPC class that could become either a Sentinel, Consular or a Guardian. 3)Scoundrel- would upgrade into a Mercenary(ranged based) or a melee based class of appropriate name. As a Jedi, they'd become a Consular or a Sentinel. 4)Tech Specialist- would upgrade into a Sabouteur(melee based) or a Commando(ranged based) with bonus feats alligned both for either choice, and with new stealth based ones, since they could actually achieve their goals without anyone knowing. As a Jedi, they'd be the only NPC class that was locked into a single choice as a Sentinel. 5)Combat Droid- would upgrade into Assassin Droid(with extra weapon feats available, such as Weapon Specializations) & a new Targeting feat(say Targeting: Accuracy, Targeting: Crippling & Targeting: Pinpoint) 6)Expert Droid- would upgrade into Battle Droid(pretty much a Combat Droid, but with a new feat or stat(say, a +2 to CON & DEX) or 2 added in. This would give players alot more flexibility in deciding what their NPC's would become, as well as have the benefit of upping replayability(some selections are obviously more Dark Side that others, and you'd want to see the ultimate paths for each character under each choice, hopefully). CHARACTER EQUIP SCREEN I like the format as it stands, but I'd like to see a small change to what is already implemented, with a new equipment slot: Back. With this new slot, I'd like to see these items included for equipping: 1)Backpacks: you could create a few different backpacks for the different classes, having -1 that boosts Demolition, Awareness & DEX(usable for your Ranger/Stormtrooper & Commando builds -1 that was a jetpack for a bounty hunter or a non-Guardian Jedi build(would basically grant a Force Jump to your character...it would require a feat learned to equip this) -random stat/feat improving power packs for your droid characters 2)Capes: granted these would moreso be just for cosmetic purposes, but they'd be cool to have. If they needed to be balanced for functionality, they could do so by adding a -1 to your character's DEX. Otherwise, they'd serve in the same way that clothing does now(i.e. just cosmetic looks only, with no stat boosting). UPGRADING EXISTING EQUIPMENT/NEW IDEAS I wouldn't mind seeing helmets added in for headgear, both face covering & face exposed. And they could be tuned in the same way that existing headgear is now. I'd also like to see a small change in robes. The graphical upgrade from the Jedi tunics into actual Jedi robes for KOTOR 2 was wonderful, but some players wished that they could raise & lower the robe hoods. What I'm suggesting is that you don't implement that cosmetic ability(except for possibly in a cut scene), but that you modify the existing robes looks. I'd do this with a 3-robe design: 1)Padawan robes-would return to the KOTOR 1 tunic appearance(stats could be kept as they currently are now) 2)Jedi Knight/Master/Dark Jedi/Baron Do Sage robes- these would retain the current KOTOR 2 appearance & stats 3)Sylvar's/Jolee's/Aleema Keto's/any other named robes- these special robes would all add a +1/+2 to WIS(in addition to whatever other stats they improved), and would all be redesigned to have the hoods up upon the character's heads POSSIBLE RETURNING & PLAYABLE CHARACTERS What I'd like to see as a returning playables list: -HK-47 -T3-M4(face it, these 2 are the R2 & 3PO of this series) -Mira(playable only if you're LS) -Bralor(make is where Mandalore instructed him to accompany you to find Revan & Exile, or have it where he wants to study/find Reven & Exile after the "lessons" he's learned after the Mandalorian Wars & the loss in the Battle Circle) -Mission Vao(we never learned her fate after KOTOR 1, and she wants to find Revan; playable only if you're LS) -Zaalbar(playable only if you're LS) -Hanharr(playable only if you're DS) What I'd like to see as a returning non-playable, yet still interacting with you list: -Admiral Carth Onasi -Visas Marr(if there's a choice as to if the Exile was LS or DS, she would appear only if you choose LS, ) -Mandalore -Bastila Shen -Bao-Dur -Disciple -Handmaiden(the last 4 being on the reformed Jedi Council on Coruscant) THINGS JUST TO ADD A MORE "STAR WARS" FLAVOR While both games have been great about putting you into the SW world, I wouldn't mind seeing: 1)a starfighter-to-starfighter dogfight(it's a staple of the Star Wars universe, and yet we've not gotten in with either previous game) 2)keep the dual party assult found in KOTOR 2 3)a truly massive ground battle(maybe added into #2), where we see ground vehicles/weaponry firing at background ground troops, as well as snubfighters/airspeeders in dogfights in the background skies(something ala the Battle of Hoth or the Battle of Naboo) POSSIBLE PLANETS TO VISIT I would like to see, or return to the following worlds, if possible: -Coruscant(especially the Jedi Temple) -Tatooine(this time either Mos Eisley & Toshi Station, Beggar's Canyon or Mos Espa) -Yavin 4 -Onderon -Dxun -Taris(it could be in a "restoring" mode, just as Telos was in KOTOR 2) -Ord Mantell And make it possible that we might be able to visit a world or 2 that doesn't necessarily tie into the main storyline, but would still have available quests & battles. Possibly some of the above worlds might fit into this.
  7. And as for my theories about Master Kae, they never said specifically how she died, just that she did die during the wars. I believe that she was not Kreia, but was infact Kae, and was the female Jedi that Atton killed that opened his mind to the Force. Both were said to be beautiful, and it would add in a bit more to the pairings of Handmaiden & Atton to your parties' dynamic.
  8. And yet, here you are criticizing the people that spend their time here by spending your time wasting your life on a forum to criticize them. ;) Most discomforting when you think about it, isn't it?
  9. BTW, It's no quest at all, never appears in the journal. After repair you use it for quick transport (quite useless) The main point is some XP and influence from Bao Dur... The broken thing might inplicate that if you use the Speeder to get somewhere else before triggering the Ebon Hawk capture by the Red Eclipse, it won't trigger except if you run in that sector and run outside (easy to miss and then you're stuck...) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Incorrect. I always get the Red Eclipse cutscene & battle within 10 minutes of landing on Nar Shaddaa in every playthrough, and can still go work on the airspeeder sucessfully afterwords.
  10. No quests are broken... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I believe that Dantooine: Redemption can never be completed. And the TSF: Escaped Criminals can break very easily(as in not seeing the criminals either in Lorzo's office or on Telos).
  11. You can complete all of the Vogga stuff easily: 1)Vogga's Dancers- simply have Handmaiden(or the Exile, if you're playing a female) dance for Vogga 2)Vogga's Hoard- drug the 2 kath hounds with juma juice AFTER you've danced for Vogga & open up his storerooms 3)Fuel For Telos- beat the Goto's Yacht part of the game, then go speak to Vogga with G0-T0 in your party & the Hutt will ship fuel to Citidal Station Now, if you're speaking about those 2 doors that you cannot target, but can see a path behind on the map, then those doors don't lead to anything required to beat the game, or any active quests in it.
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