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  1. Hey Unfortunately that wasn't the issue I was referring too. I'm aware you get dialog after freeing Remero, the problem is nothing occurs after killing Malnaj. She and her crew drop generic random loot and then you are left standing on the boat having to click the return to world map button to leave the encounter. If you do try to talk to Serafen at that point all you get is his generic 'hey cap' greeting. As I said I dug around the stringtable files for dialog that would fit into this encounter and was unable to find any, so I'm currently hoping the bug is that the relevant file is missi
  2. I posted this under an old thread for the Sorcerer and a Gentleman bug before I realised that thread was marked as solved so just creating a new topic for it if that's ok (I'd delete the other post but can't see an option too ) So anyway.. Despite the fix mentioned in the 2.0 patch notes this issue seems to persist somewhat. While you can now loot the bodies after the fight they only have generic loot (I assumed Malnaj herself would drop something non-generic). More importantly there is still no conversation, you're left on the boat with the bodies and have to click the go back to the w
  3. Despite the fix mentioned in the 2.0 patch notes this issue seems to persist somewhat. While you can now loot the bodies after the fight they only have generic loot (I assume Malnaj herself would drop something non-generic). More importantly there is still no conversation, you're left on the boat with the bodies and have to click the go back to the world map button at the top to leave. Although I'm somewhat concerned that this may possibly be 'working as intended' I did a search on the contents of all the conversation files and there doesn't seem to be any dialog anywhere that would go
  4. I'm fairly sure the bug involved in this one is simply a UI bug not a mechanics one. I've been using The Scepter of Wael as a main weapon for quite a while in my campaign and despite the 0% chance it procs plenty. Hell in the first battle I used it in it proc'd at least twice (it's easy to miss certain proc's so could have been more). Just a tip for anyone using that, the random illusions it proc's include AoE's and will hit party members if the original ability does. So it's very Wael , personally I kinda love it . Certainly a better positive negative trade than my suicidal psychi
  5. It really makes no sense getting nothing from that encounter whether you imported or not so I'm definitely guessing bug there. The import issue stands separately though too. Either I made basically all the wrong choices for an imported game or it's broken in ways that pass without notice (ie triggers where you should gain abilities back not going off), as I've read about multiple buffs from previous choices that are definitely in but received none. I tried installing the unity console mod and digging through the grantable abilities there but since there are a ton of them and the search req
  6. It's this that I've seen mentioned multiple times and the dialog in that meeting with Eothas itself that makes me think there's another import bug going on. I went through that conversation and he and at the end of it all nothing had changed, no new abilities, not even my standard watcher abilities changes which given all of that seemed....odd I even rushed to the end of the next main quest to see if that would trigger it and still no luck even after . I'd really love if there was some clarity for all of this. I get being circumspect about what carries over and how your c
  7. Yeah weapons seem like a no go sadly with the whole punching thing (tested throwing on a weapon with a per day cast and it didn't appear). So it still remains...dubiously useful unless you gear for it which is unfortunate. Although if you do happen to have at least 2 good bound spell items on your character you get a 2 for the price of 1+a distraction . Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.
  8. In the meantime one (granted rather cheesy) way to get some use out of them is they seem to get the bound spells of any items you're wearing, or at least the substantial phantom does. This of course turns 'per day' uses into 'per summon'.. Only actual equipment though not quick items Probably best to limit the items you put on your character to squeeze use out of this though since summons that summon summons per combat is....broken *Edit*...Now to find an item with Substantial Phantom as a bound spell and see how many summons you can push out before the engine crashes
  9. One thing I did just notice is her breastplate at least covers the correct outcome, not sure what breastplate you'd get if you didn't do her quest but mine says she went against their orders by inventing a new trade agreement. So maaybbee there's some dialog further down the track that varies between the two outcomes? *edit* Just for clarity I am playing with the beta hotfix and applied it before starting my campaign which maybe why my version of her has the correct armour while others seem to have gotten the wrong one
  10. I actually made a thread asking if his reputations were a bug. My import didn't carry over correctly, and my Mayor Eder had turned into Night Market Eder. After using a fix to get the correct version of him, I noticed his reputations hadn't changed at all. I found that odd with regard to his stance on Eothas, as I assumed the Mayor version wouldn't be all chummy with him and his followers after the events of the first game. I never got a response to my thread, and it appears his reputation on Eothas stays the same regardless. It's just odd watching him give approval to Xoti about Eothas re
  11. Well in my PoE1 playthrough he went on to become mayor and I only started playing after the beta hotfix came out.. At the very least things seem to be in order there, I'm pretty happy with my Edér Granted it's been a loonnggg time since I played the original campaign and I played it while seriously unwell so it's all a bit fuzzy, so I can't exactly confirm the details (I've run into characters I have zero recollection of from the first campaign ) but the ending part fits!
  12. It does seem like that ending has definitely been retconned out of existence sadly, her dialog is in this file and the opening conversations are basically at the top for those who want to look \pillarsofeternityII_data\exported\localized\en\text\conversations\companions\companion_pallegina_hub.stringtable (open with notepad++ or whatever you happen to use for .txt) There is no mention of Kind Wayfarers and while she does have responses for the various other endings there are only two that go with being exiled, the one mentioned in this thread which says she went on to be a caravan guard (so
  13. Thank you! I must say I do kinda wish they were still in there, think I fall into the 'the more details the better' camp I'd searched for *ages* trying to find something definitive one way or another on it with no luck So thank you again for the clarification ^_^
  14. Hey I ran into this issue back playing the main campaign, wasn't sure it was a bug or not until I stumbled across a screenshot that seemed to confirm it was, got distracted by RL and came back to the game with white march 2, I was hoping the issue would be gone but sadly still there Basically I don't have any details under the abilities section for monsters in the bestiary. I've tried reinstalling and playing on two different computers but the problem remained. I've attached two screenshots below the first is what I see in the bestiary and the second is one I found attached to an old bug r
  15. Ok this maybe a stupid question (I blame sleep dep ) but I can't find an answer to it anywhere sooo... Are you supposed to be able to get actual full descriptions of the monsters abilities (Rather than just the name of the ability which is all I see in mine) once you unlock their entries in the bestiary? I wasn't sure and then I stumbled across a picture of an entry where there were actual descriptions beneath them. Is it something you have to unlock (beyond the kill 10ish mobs unlock) or only for specific mobs...Or has my game just bugged out from the start and I never noticed? Than
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