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  1. My BB Wizard equipped with a fine arquebus refuses to attack with it... neither auto-attack nor manual attack work. In my previous game he was shooting just fine. The only thing I did differently this time was that I looted it directly to stash, then moved the arquebus from stash to the BB Wizard via inkeeper trade window. I had to save and reload to get rid of this behaviour.
  2. I had this same, with first a large shield when I entered the inn... after coming from upstairs there was also a war bow in the same location with the shield I was playing a ranger with war bow and had not changed anything in the inventory.
  3. I had the same problem, unless you manually position the party members and the bear closer to the stairs, then you can transition to upstairs
  4. Hopefully the save/load fixes will also fix the game breaking dissapearing items and quest bugs... also the bug which causes some chars to get stuck after almost every battle until reload would be really nice to get fixed asap. With those fixed, the beta might actually be playable enough to get more useful/reliable feedback from the testers.
  5. I think the best solution would be to put arrows and bullets (gunpowder) to be encounter(or rest?) based to easily solve all these problems. Give some tactical importance since no one has unlimited arrows with them, then you might have to start thinking of sacrificing an important inventory slot for an extra quiver if you think you want to be more prepared for long ranged battles. With encounter limited arrow quantity, you also get more realistic feel, since you can think that your party fills the quivers between battles. Or alternatively use per rest limit, where the party will forage
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