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  1. to me he's just a a guy in white robes who once said that using a condom is sinful - I guess infecting other people with aids is not according to the vatican
  2. Just wanted your opinions, feel free to post others that you feel are better
  3. Yes. (w00t) You dont like our choice of names or something <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Err...well, they're..um, very 'interesting' ShadowPaladin. Good luck with them. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Here's my own little "jedi Princess". I'm trying to hone her innate force abilities, but she's already leaning to the dark side
  4. L M A O !!!! Hi there people Im 29 and from Copenhagen
  5. I was on Corbantis for around 8 months, but one day I looked in the mirror and saw a guy who was being butt ****ed by the SOE so I'll never again submit to the money hungry SOE and their lousy customer service
  6. So what you're saying is that we're gonna have alot of pissed off 10yr olds who aren't familiar with the original trilogy? :ph34r:
  7. But even unconscious 60% of my group activated their shields, lol! Another bug?
  8. girlfriend: you're a liar and a cheat and I don't trust you anymore. me: Ahh, finally, you are learning...
  9. just wanted to se the general consensus out here
  10. quit the nitty gritty stuff and write a response.
  11. The Millenium Falcon is suppossedly one of the fastest ships around. It can reach a velocity of 0.5 above the speed of light ( 300K kilometers per second) Is something wrong with this picture???!!! One of the closest star constellations to earth is approx. 120 light years away, which means even Chewie would be a skeleton before he reached it with the "amazing" 0.5 above lightspeed cappability. I know, its just sci-fi, but sci-fi with brains tends to be alot more aluring and exciting. The Republic wouldn't be able to exist because the first intrepid expplorers wouldn't have returned to Coruscant to report their findings by the time The Emperor seized power. So if a ship was to travel from the Core Systems to the Outer Rim planets like Tatooine it would take like..... forever or rather 400 years to travel 600 lightyears. I love the SW universe, but this really knepper min r
  12. hmm, the Force is particularly strong in this one.... :ph34r: " I dont know what weapons will be used in WW 3, but WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones" - Albert Einstein
  13. Yeah, know what u mean. I myself felt a disturbance in the Force last time I went to the zoo :ph34r:
  14. sounds more like a gruesome shark attack to me. Force Sensitive chimp was it?
  15. why are my posts showing twice?? Must be my 4yr old mouse, lol. Instead of getting sluggish it's become super sensitive
  16. I find your lack of faith disturbing... <_< <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Faith? Ever tried it with common sense/savvy...? :ph34r: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ease back, its a quotation from SW. It was meant as a way to alleviate the tension that always seem to follow in the wake of political discussions
  17. um, well, wow. I know a lot of Americans who hate Bush. Drop the "you're" first, as 49% of America DIDN'T want to give him four more years. And the majority of America didn't want him elected in the first place. Don't blame Europe, though? Okay, "our" president is a right-wing nut job, but last time I checked politics in Europe wasn't that great either. Chirac didn't want to go into Iraq because he didn't want to screw around with oil money that he wanted. Tony Blair is the Dubya of Britain. Putin hates democracy. What else is new? Trust me, there are a lot of Americans who hate Bush as much as you. Despite this, he is one of many, many bad men. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Finally! (w00t) You're the only one so far who's actually supporting your views with if not facts then at least commonly accepted views instead of the usual "you're stupid, I don't like you" comments. I agree that Europe is no saint in terms of ideology. Its no big secret that French Telecom has a major interest in Iraq and BP is gunning for those future oil contracts. Btw, the "you're the ones.." was just to create a response. In that respect I seem to have succeeded
  18. I find your lack of faith disturbing... <_<
  19. Hi again folks. First off, I appreciate the moderator for helping me with the general rules of conduct within this forum. I just wanted that site to be better known to the public, but of course a more in-depth discussion is far more to my own liking as well. I was just in a hurry. In regards to as whether or not this subject is even worth discussing is of course up to u guys. However, I believe that the accumulation, processing and distribution of knowledge is always a mentally healthy thing to do. After all, we're talking about some shady things going on. Ill admit that some of the links lead down some roads where we are no longer dealing with healthy scepticism, but rather blind conspiracyraging. Having said that, a great deal of the sources mentioned stem from retired US diplomats, students, Nobel Prize nominees and winners as well as just the guy next door. Im not saying which way to go Im just asking for directions...
  20. I urge all American citizens to wake up and check out this website. Warning!!! You might experience an enlightenment after this! :ph34r: http://wwwoilempire.us/index.html Dont blame us (Europe) you're the ones who gave him 4 more years...
  21. I know that theres a droid part vendor on Dantooine who also sells some HK-assasin parts. He's located just to the NW of the Administrator's HQ. You can also get him to join the militia defense if you are going for the LS.
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