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  1. Ally with a dracolich or bust :^) I wonder how my bestie the adra dragon comes into play in deadfire im hoping a crew or sidekick
  2. Cant wait! Scripted interactions are really fun i loved the ones in WM part 2. Also cant wait for mire archmage goodness i hope they are not just all villians but if they are a great side boss is always welcome
  3. Well, that's the nature of internet threads. They get sidetracked upon sidetracked to the point they lose their initial purpose. Εκφυλίζονται.About the Q&A, yeah, Josh mentioned something like that, though he didn't said much about it. At this point, seeing how often we get updates and what they usually are, I believe we'll get the most meaningful of those when the game gets close to beta, which is gonna be sometime in (north hemisphere) winter, I hope, if they stick to their scedule. I asked on tumblr about devoted as well so theres a bit more info there
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