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  1. I said the same on another thread, I agree and should be something they should consider allowing players to manipulate the speed somehow in the options? At least this way everyone will be happy to an extent. Hell, throw in a turn based mode,
  2. .this second post was an accident. How do we delete?
  3. I feel you on some of these, but I think it's way to early just yet to judge aesthetics and textures during the backer beta. Portraits are a part of this type of games legacy. And I can't agree with you on removing them. I love the portraits. That being said, the portraits need a tonne more variety and racial variety. About the actual character customisation though? I also feel it to be extremely limited for this day in age. More of everything needed. I hope, hope! That these issues will be addressed... BUT again, this is a backer beta and extremely to early to be worried
  4. Call me crazy but this explains my combat experience pretty much on the money. Combat feels quick, I catch my party members often "dropping out" of combat as if they lose there opponent and them try to cast a spell and the cursor doesn't switch to a ranged icon. For me if the icon where to change when casting different effects to suite the action in the midst of battle it would help a lot. The more visual aids the less worn out people will feel I assume, I know it would make the full on and hard core micro management a lot more easier on the eyes. I could also dare ask for
  5. Can we scale the ui? The combat commands/spells/actions are tiny on my screen. I find it hard to effectively queue my party members whilst in the midst of battle. I tried different resolutions but that just deforms the entire game on my screen. I agree with everything you covered in this post as well.
  6. Hopefully we get a lot more customisation options on release, I agree that a few of the races seem lacking in variety considering the amount of classes, cultures and backgrounds to Combine and fit together.
  7. I found this to be an issue also. Combat as it stands at the moment confuses me a little, I find it a tad hectic with everything going on and no clear visual aid to the action. But, if it is simply a feature that is not implemented yet I look forward to seeing it.
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