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  1. Title is pretty self explanatory. Whenever I try to enter the Caed Nua main keep, the game crashes to the desktop. I did a bit of testing with this: I tried going through the dungeons and up the stairs to see if the back entrance worked, the crash still occurred. I tried loading some older save files, my oldest save file did work, but it's about 10 hours behind in game time, not a loss of progress I'm interested in making. The outdoors and other buildings in Caed Nua are all fine, it's only entering the main keep that's causing the crash. Edit: Using dropbox link because a
  2. It is not a dungeon crawler. Sure it is. No. Legend of Grimrock, for instance, is a dungeon crawler. Diablo is a dungeon crawler. Dark Souls is a dungeon crawler. A dungeon crawler requires a linear, or near-linear game progression, through a restricted game space(Often the eponymous dungeon), with a focus on fighting monsters and collecting treasure. In Pillars of Eternity, as in Baldur's Gate, you are free to deviate from the main story and explore areas disconnected from the story line, and can also follow multiple paths towards your objective. You explore a large and op
  3. I would disagree. Combat prowess is often the case of skill and practice as much as it is raw strength. It doesn't really matter if you're as strong as the Mountain if you don't know how to fight with a longsword, because the guy who does will redirect your attack and split you open with a counter.
  4. Not really sure why people are mad about a beta being buggy. By Obsidian no less. Don't get me wrong, I love their games, but their games can be buggy as all hell even by release. I usually let it slide because they do a lot of post launch support, but I still don't know why people are surprised about the beta being buggy.
  5. Yeah, I really don't like the stat system they went with. Torchlight 2 tried doing something very similar, and all it really succeeded in doing was gimping the Outlander and making the whole attributes system feel awkward. Personally I'd prefer it if POE just did a good old RPG system.
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