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  1. I spent quite some time on perfecting this Portrait, only to not use it in a playthrough. Maybe someone here enjoys using it though! Source
  2. Really? That makes it extra weird. I suspect they removed it from both the Linux and OS X versions because they thought that Shroud (plugin used for cloaks) only supported Windows, but it actually supports both Windows and OS X. Theoretically it shouldn't be hard to patch them back in on OS X if they worked on the beta, right? Capes on Linux is a different story, seeing as how Shroud doesn't support Linux.
  3. I wrote a reply but the thread got locked before I had time to post it. Fortunately I saved it: Those are pretty good questions actually. I'm not all that interested in endgames. I see culture as more of a process and find it more interesting and productive to identify things wrong with it and then attempt to change them, and also make constant course corrections in case of unintended consequences or more pressing concerns coming up. I would like to live in a kinder world: one where it matters less where you were born and who your parents were, which provides more second chances when you screw up, and where generosity and cooperation are valued more than possession and competition. I don't think games "need" to represent anyone in particular at all. However: I observe that in actual point of fact, until very recently games have overwhelmingly represented and catered to a pretty small and IMO not all that interesting subset of the population. If the protagonist isn't a macho square-jawed space marine type, she's a big-boobed scantily-clad package of fapping material, the occasional exception or half-accidental Fem-Shep aside. Men by and large are presented as characters you want to be, women as objects you want to possess. It's formulaic, tired, and clich├ęd, and it's unappealing to a very large number of people. I would like to see that change. Not that there won't be any games with white straight male lantern-jawed space-marine type protagonists, but that that will no longer be the default expectation for the protagonist. So yeah, if a new game is being made, I count it as a point in its favor if it features an Inuit mother-of-five and a Polynesian scholar as companions, and if the dominant technological and cultural power happens to consist of people with dark skin. I also feel very strongly that games should not shy away from difficult themes and materials. I don't, generally speaking, like "safe" or bowdlerized stuff. Again, P:E does this rather well. It references rape, child murder, genocide, and all kinds of heavy stuff, but does it intelligently and coherently. I don't want every game to be suitable for everybody. However, I would like to see more games suitable for and representing more people. Partly it's for altruistic reasons -- I think it'd be cool if we saw more non-white non-males here -- and partly because I myself find it interesting to vicariously see the world through other eyes. In summary: I observe a problem, namely that gaming culture in general and places like this forum in particular are not comfortable places to be if you're not white, straight, male, and argumentative, and I would like that to change. Finally, I don't think there is a "formula" for this. It's all about intent and self-understanding. I detest transparent attempts at being "politically correct." DA:I for example. It's ghastly. Randomizing everybody's race and making half the characters gay without any examination of what that would mean, while leaving in things like the transparent and hideously racist "Qunari = Arabs" is worse than naively oblivious racism and sexism. It's not about what's in the game; it's about approaching it thoughtfully and intelligently. And finally finally, I do agree that a bunch of people on the "social justice" side of the fence go to ridiculous extremes with this. I do not want trigger warnings on everything, jazz hands instead of applause, or the removal of spiders. Nor am I in favor of censorship -- i.e., an outside authority determining what should or shouldn't be in a game. I am, however, strongly in favor of critique and criticism, and I'm thrilled if the critique and criticism changes things for the better, as the backlash to GG has by and large done, DA:I idiocy notwithstanding. Did this help at all? As long as we can only make jokes about white men and not women, PoC, transpersons etc., games will only mainly feature white men as protagonists.
  4. They changed the location and they changed the poem itself, make of that what you will.
  5. Shroud, the plugin used for the capes in Pillars of Eternity IS compatible with OS X, so technically it should be possible to fix the visibility of the cloaks and capes on OS X, right?
  6. I tried playing it on my windows partition and on my OS X partition on my 2012 macbook pro. Believe it or not, it actually worked better on OS X, but that could be (and most probably is) a thing on my side. When playing on Mac, be sure to turn of vsync and anti-aliasing!
  7. I am using a 2012 MacBook Pro and the capes don't show up, they are invisible. I read that the Linux version has the same problem and the answer to that was that the plugin used for the capes (Shroud) wasn't supporting Linux. However, Shroud does support OS X. Could the capes be fixed for the Mac version?
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