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  1. Credit cards are not common in Germany? What?! Anyway - you don't need a credit card. You can pay through paypal or through paysafecard (paysafecard can be charged in a similar way to steam or google play - with cards that are bought in a store. They're available in Germany. You can find store near you here) Credit cards which are perfectly common here in Czech Republic are working perfectly with GoG. But who knows. Maybe they havnt Visa in Germany.
  2. I hope i dont have to wait too long. I need some sleep.
  3. Unless you emailed them for them to send you a replacement DRM free disc. Not day one thing i guess.
  4. Boxed edition of Wasteland dowloaded all data from steam. DVD was useless. At least in our CE version. Edit: Plus there is big chance we have to download huge patch.
  5. Ah so hard choice. My heart says paladin or warrior and my brain wants cipher.
  6. How dare you?! That is not a shiv! It is a traditional Polish blueberry-pierogi-cutter handed down over generations! Kurwa take you, infidel! Can be. It looks like my 30 years old knife for potatoes.
  7. Nope. Backers have different boxed edition. This is made by Cenega. According kickstarter page you'll get box with dvd and printed manual but the 140+ tiers have realy nice physical bonuses. Too bad i didnt have spare money during campaing. Well... we cant have everything i guess.
  8. Now see, there's the difference, and why your attempted insult fell flat. When you insinuate that I'm a danish penguin-eater, I think it's hilarious. But if I insinuate that you're a pierogi-eating siberian with a love for Cyrillic, I somehow doubt you'd take it as well. PrimeJunta! What is the distance between you, a bottle of koskenkorva and a knife at this very moment? Eh, you seems you know Russians a bit more then me. I dont know what they are eating. Well Russians are tall and blonde and i meet many tall and blonde Norwegians, so you are maybe their brothers more then we are. Also problems with drinking vodka could suggest i am right... Hmm... I am confused now.
  9. It's not that we can't stop, it's that we really, really don't care, and can fully understand that people are making a perfectly understandable and entirely forgiveable mistake without losing our **** over it. If you dont care, then stop assuming and go back to hunting penguins or what do you eat in Denmark.
  10. Luckman: Then stop do it. Katarack21: We dont like it. No. We "hate" it! Every single time! One thing i never understand why you are working so hard on explaining why you cant just stop doing it.
  11. Wasteland and Divinity: Original Sin did same. Most of games need steam (or Origin or something else) nowadays. Gods bless GOG.com!
  12. I guess the common stereotype is to assume all foreign language as Russian. Its actually Polish. Doesn't have anything to do with a stereotype. They're both Slavic languages; to somebody who doesn't speak them, they can sound very similar. That's all there is to that mistake. Not "oh sometimes someone could mix slavic languages". Everytime, every single it must be Russian! No excuses! Or they wont stop it. Rant off.
  13. Game, soundtrack, map, manual?, guide. During my military service, I served with a guy who spoke Polish and he could speak and understand a little bit of Russian because of his command of the Polish language. So it can't be that extremely different. Like german and swedish.
  14. I can appreciate pedantry. Also... I actually had to look up "Azbuka". I've always just called it Cyrillic. Ok. Cyrillic.
  15. Meanwhile, on planet Reasonable, the entire population proceeds to chill out and not see insults and imagined slights in every nook and cranny.
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