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  1. Sooo, I guess this bug is fitting for Valentine's day. On my game, Eder and Iselmyr are having their little chatty chat after every single rest. And it's a looooong dialogue. While it was fun the 10th first times... OK maybe the first 15th times actually, it's starting to get on my nerves a little bit. Screenshot of the said dialogue is attached (btw, see the 1's in the chat window ? It often happens in my game too) Tested on a mod-free savegame, see the other link. Screenshot : https://tof.cx/images/2019/02/14/53980ee76e51c30bc7a46b2159f1fdc4.jpg Savegame : https://1drv.ms/u/s!AslZp_ymNli7gvx_D0fEbq93k-KhQQ Thank you in advance for helping my buddies in their struggling relationship.
  2. I play potd upscaled with deadly deadfire and a few god challenges. I regulary die at lvl20 using story companions the best way I can, but without using cheesy builds or exploiting broken mechanics. I'm a veteran to this types of games, having finished the BG trilogy with SCS multiple times, IWD in heart of winter mode, DoS1/2 in tactician, etc. PoE2 in this configuration is overall more difficult, BG2 had some difficulty spikes but once you figured it out, most of the game was a cakewalk. Complaining about difficulty without using some the many ways to increase it is somewhat strange. Also, try the deadly deadfire mod.
  3. I hit lvl20 quite early in my first play, without any DLC. Quickly lost interest from there. It's exactly the same problem as in PoE1 where you could hit max lvl before reaching chapter 3, again without DLCs. I just dont understand how xp balance can be so bad in both of these games. Such a game design problem shouldn't have to be handled by a mod Either put max lvl at 30, allowing more stats and more feats from the existing list to keep a feeling of progression, or just put an xp slider in the option menu. A 30-50% penalty for completionists is what is needed atm to reach lvl20 near the end of the game. I would rather have the higher lvl option though, as It would allow to play a mostly built character in a good portion of the game, the rest being a bonus. Enemy scaling has to follow though.
  4. This 4.0 update is incredible ! One thing I'd like to report though : All of the tiers 7 and 8 passive abilities in the Wizard tree are useless for blood mages since they improve empower, which a blood mage can't use. Either blank them out for blood mages for more consistency, or better, change them to improve the blood sacrifice ability.
  5. I hate buffing in IE games with passion. Probably my main gripe against the combat system in these games. I'm so glad it's gone.
  6. I can confirm this too. I now have to strip out the characters that I leave in the inns, and empty their inventory. Poor guys. Makes me feel bad.
  7. Hello Xaurip slayer fellows, I experienced a wierd bug on my game : A few of my characters seem to have "lost" some talents in their character sheet. The "lost" talents seem to but still active though, and their effet is still listed in the active effect area, is it is a toggable talents, the icon and effect is still there too. Where it get problematics is that it is possible to pick up the "lost" talents again while leveling up as they appear on the list. When leveling up, It is possible to pickup talents that were already taken before : My Edér, for instance, "lost" his melee DR penetrating and hold the line talents, when leveling him up, I can pick them again, which is how I saw the problem. My main Character has also lost penetrating shot and a few ranged talents, same problem. You will find my attached savegame below, all characters just got to lvl12, this is just before leveling up : http://ovh.to/gf599DR
  8. Potd forces the use of debuffs too, so damaging abilities can actually do damage. In hard mode in never had to debuff things to land my spells. It makes the game more interesting imo. Icewind Dale had a "heart of winter" mode, which added stupid buffs to every monsters in the game, but it was poorly implemented since the only thing that worked was melee and cc, everything else was trash. PoE's POTD is much better tought out and plays right.
  9. The official guide mentions a Cipher melee with fast weapons as a possible build, so yes it is "legit". Ciphers have a somewhat high base deflection too. Anyway, in most RPGs, fighter/mages hybrids are broken, in IE games kensai/mage was the cheesiest combinaison, closely followed by the fighter/cleric. When you combine high magical defenses with high offense, this is hardly avoidable. Then again, who cares, as long as all classes are fun to play and things balanced enough so the player does not feel forced to pick up specific skills, weapons or talents. Ciphers are fun to play, in my opinion a few more damage skills could be toned down a bit (mind blades was very OP before nerf), but I play mine mostly as a crowd controller so I am having a blast and not felling like I am cheesing the game.
  10. IEMod works mostly. Sometimes some talents (racial or specific) are lost through respeccing, so I would take some printscreens of the character sheet before reseting to check afterward. I had the problem with Kana, Iemod did not add the Aumana racial talent so I had to add it manually after respec. You will find all the documentation needed on the mod page. http://rien-ici.com/iemod/pillars_of_eternity
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