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  1. I would definately prefer 2D portraits over 3D Rendered ones. The problem with 3D rendered portraits is when you have a lack of faces and hairstyles you start to get this Clone War syndrome where everyone start to look samey. At least with the portraits you can almost gurantee that yours will be unique from NPC's you meet (Usually.. ) and of course you can load in custom jpeg's that you like.. (Please be less strict on the dimensions of the jpegs.. do the formatting for us.. it's such a pain in the ass! LoL!)
  2. I saw an interview where Tim Cain was talking about quest balance and that non-combat routes would be just as viable as combat routes in quests. The way they were going to attain this was that enemies do not provided experience pounts, only quest resolution and that experience will be the same regardless how the quest is resolved. So can someone confirm this is the case? No enemies will provide any reason to kill them other then they are in the way and potentially drop items? This is horrible if it's true. I know I am not a backer but I can't be the only one who feels this is a horrible solution just so stealth characters can feel their decisions matter in quests where they have an option avoid combat. Please don't do this. Thanks.
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