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  1. With there be no "dump stat" and most offer a general postive to everything doesn't that remove the value of every stat? Does that mean that the combat is more item based with who has the better stuff wins? That along with no xp for combat means all of combat is disincentived because resting costs money(having to buy supplies). I know this post may seem a little harsh but I want to discuss the gameplay mechanics of how questing, combat, and stats is going to work.
  2. From all of the quests that I have complete my favorite so far has been the Blood Legacy quest, especially the begining having to ask around and use your Lore/Perception skills in dialouge. My least favorite is Farmer's plight. The whole ordeal of going through a cave system of spiders and then to find out he's not to blame is kinda bland. Not to mention the whole thing is over a pig...
  3. I was in the ruines to east and my party members started getting locked up. About half was, I guess with 3 out of 6 locked up but I was able to keep my main character from locking up by highlighting him then clicking his portrait then moving him. Sadly that doesn't seem to work with other character while rarely working with the Main Character.
  4. A problem I have been having besides actaully seeing enemies (such as the beetles in tall grass) is having to click on npcs' feet to talk to them. When you have a party of 6 and the alchemist is in a narrow path she can easily be burried beneath my party.
  5. The boar companion outside the starting city duplicates when you go to and from the Stormwall Gorge. (also a lot of items have *missing string* data values and looting items sometimes makes them disappear) (and when viewing the wizard's inventory screen with his default armour on then selecting another's inventory the cape stays) otherwise coming from playing Neverwinter Nights, Pillars of Eternity fits very well in a DnD game library.
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