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  1. Um, it's difficult to tell if you are in character (Angst) or seriously upset ... I will give you the benefit of the doubt and go with the former




    Updated...my new Visas. Was she ever a pain in the behind to make.




  2. Fanfiction.com: "Romance/Angst"


    Yeah, so what? If you have a problem with that say so, cos I doubt that you've actually read it and if you haven't read it then what's your basis for mocking me? It's not fangurl fluff, it's a sexually deviant Atton enjoying being dominated by Revan so there :( .



    And it was also obvious that I meant the other link in my sig.



    Kotor Sims

  3. They all look quite nice  You should consider doing more KOTOR 1 Sims. I'd love to see Bastila, Carth, and all the others. Keep it up!


    I did make some, just the faces, because at the time I didn't understand how to make custom stuff.


    Revan Calling Carth a hairless wookiee, while scary old Canderous lurks in the background:




    DS Kreia lurking:




    Bastila: PLEASE NOTE I did not make her outfit.




    Check the link in my sig...I have 19 pages of kotor sim antics.

  4. Am I going to have to sday this again, of cours eI am, caus esoem of you have thick skulls :p

    In the Dark Horse comic books, "Knights of the Old Republic"  Revan is a Lightside male.

    The only reason youc an choose a gende rin this game is because it is a ROLEPLAYING game, and as such, shoudl suit all manner of players, being male/female, white/black/asian, evil/good etc etc etc.  This is not me flaming you or trolling, you must have fun as well, and that is cool.  But TECHNICALLY Revan is a LIGHTSIDE MALE.



    Umm wait are you saying that the comic of the game is more "offcial" than the game? Cos that isn't really a point at all....and there's not technically about it.

  5. I guess female heroes can exist better in a fantasy setting like Star Wars, only because rape don't exist in Star Wars.


    You do realise that men can be raped too don't you? And I don't see why Malak and Saul wouldn't baulk at that either...


    And there are plenty of strong women in history...maybe not in starwars, but then starwars isn't realistic. I mean George Lucas didn't even give Leia bra for crying out loud...in a culture that has space travel (and the possibility of zero-gravity).


    *laughs cynically*

  6. have started a fanfic, it's rubbish like I said it would be but a thought I would use this thread to shamelessly plug - I mean tell people about it. 



    I'll go review it...but first I'll give in and plug mine.




    Atton And Revan


    A prequel fic set in the Mandarlorian Wars: What if Atton had been trained by Revan? Oh the angst.


    Atton's Advocate


    The sequel to Atton and Revan...can Atton find redemption? Will he ever get his hands on the Exile? And will the reason for her hair colour ever be revealed?


    (End of plug)

  7. Basically that. You can kill anybody, steal anything, talk to anybody, serve an army(s) or team(s) or guild(s) of your choice.



    Although it had no character or conversation depth what so ever and could get really tedious at times. I liked the whole free-range exploration to some extent though and the modding possibillites were wonderful (loves The Metal Queen Boutique).



    And you could kill *eveyone*, if you didn't mind breaking the main plot . :huh:

  8. I put on the hooded masked caped Revan robes on and looked in the alignment screen, and it had the male light animation even though I was female. So Revan's gender was already confirmed.


    How exactly does equipping robes that can only be gotten in the game by cheating prove anything? It just means the devs were a bit sloppy with their design...IIRC the Mandalorian armour also makes you into a man. And the spacesuits didn't have different genders either....

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