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  1. Midnight Hawk... My brain is sleeping. Do you post under a different name at Kotorfanmedia? I seem to recall you do, and I don't want to misdirect people.


    I use Midnight Hawk for the author dashboard bit...but on the boards I'm Darth Midnight. (I fell to the dark side because I couldn't spell my own email address :"> )




    That's my page...


    *Ahem* On topic...


    [fangurlism] We luve Atton :thumbsup: He's all tortured and stuff....*scream* [/fangurlish]

  2. If there was an "official Revan" or "official Exile" doesn't that negate the whole point of being able to chose? If Revan is "officially supposed to have been LS male" (what kind of phrase is "officially supposed to be" anyway, something is either official or it isn't) then why is there the choice in to play differently. I am so fed up of people going "Revan is male", "Revan is white" or "Revan is a lightsider" .


    Isn't the point of role-playing to make the character your own? Not to say "I want to use the proper face cos that's what the developers/George Lucas/Jesus would want"...is this not just mindless muppetry?


    And just for the record I use the pink-haired female face for my exile...which is a mod anyway. :wacko:

  3. If only HK-47 had a hamster...sorry but it's Minsc all the way. He's a snugglebunny of insane goodness.


    "Look Boo, squirrels! Quick! Throw nuts!"

    "We must rest...I've a bad chase of armour chafe."

    "Boo likes the forrest."

    "You know I think the forest likes Boo."


    (And that line about the "feet of evil tracking their boot over your lily white tiles" can't remember the whole thing.)


    And I must have played BG2 more times than I comfortably conceive but that "Now you will pay, now..now...Oooh oo-ho ohhh now I see, you said what you did just to make me mad. Mad enough to break free...haha...You are as smart as Boo sometimes" cracks me up every single time. Jim Cummins rocks.


    HK is funny, but compared to Minsc he is nothing.

  4. Atton's a peach, but he does needs a chiorpractor (sp?), cause his neck is always at this slightly twisted angle...looks funny sometimes.


    He did his neck in from turning round to talk to the Exile when he should have been flying the ship.


    And the Disciple looks like Richard Gere and Prince Charming's love child...wait their both men. AHHHGH he's a mutant...kill Disciple before he eats your brains.


    I'm always torn between Atton and Carth: I like Atton's darker side, but Carth's just so umm...well romancable.

  5. *laughs for 10 minutes before wiping eyes*


    You know this is why women are dissatisfied with these so-called romance tracks...love in games is either "true wuv" romantic nonsense or simple raw sex. Some balanace between the two (like halfway between Fallout 2 and Baldur's Gate 2: gosh what a thought) would be perfect. Oh and I loved Atton and Carth and it was so irritating not being able to do anything about it: Somebody write a flirt pack already!

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