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  1. Midnight Hawk, I had an idea about the same thing sorta... KotOR Sims. (Got that from your sig) Except I'd be the computer nerd to learn to make Sim heads to actually sort of resemble the characters instead of just being smart -- like you -- and using the in-game heads/hairstyles. ^_^. Hah, always trying to create more work for myself... it's not an official weekend project.










    I did not use in game "heads", I just hadn't got my bodyshop skills together when making my original Kotor family.

  2. Is it? Every single time I've played TSL, When you first have the conversation with Atton he refers to her as a woman, and you get the option to tell him Revan was a man. I would have thought that that meant that the default choice for Revan was a woman.


    But there's also an option to say "I don't care about Revan" which skips that dialog and sets Revan as LSM...so that's the default.

  3. No way should there be an "official" anything. The whole point is that you can choose...if we didn't have the choice to impose our own idea of Revan on the character if wouldn't be a friggin game, just a series of FMVs. Everyone will have their own idea of Revan's gender, appearance and personality and they are all valid. Who cares what some database says?


    I liked the fact that you could set Revan's past in The Sith Lords, even if the gender thing was as buggy as hell, they tried to accomodate the choices we had to make.

  4. IWD failed because it took the fun out of hack and slash games (Diablo was a good hack 'n' slash), yet it took the fun out of RPing too (BG was a good RP game). It was, like, not frantic and mad enough to be a good hacker, and ws too plotless to be a good RP game. A waste, I have to say. A shame, cos a lot of the more technical side of it, the voiceovers etc was rather good.


    That's pretty much my problem with the IWD...I liked the look of it, but the game failed to interest me. No characters to interact with... :) Also after the first few scenes of snowy mountains I felt like I was going snowblind. I loved the soundsets for IWD though...and I use them in BG2.

  5. BG is/was amazing. But it is about 7 years out of date. I tried played thro' BG again about 2003, and it was really painful. The story and stuff was still great, but the interface (especially the journal, and the pathfinding) was so poor(/old-fashioned) it was just.. *shudders*



    It is dated...I can't playe the orignal BG without the TUTU Mod installed, but I still adore both BGs more than anything. And then there's Icewind Dale...which I didn't like...

  6. No, espicially since you want to bring in the worst mod making community ever in the IE one. Awful, awful dreck that they try to pass off as good. utter, utter crap.



    Hmm somebody sounds green today...

  7. Planescape Torment isn't better than the Baldur's Gate Saga...just different, it sacrifices replayabilty and flexibility for story depth.


    But anyway....go forth and buy them all! And check out the huge baldur's gate modding community while you're at it.


    Get the fallout games too...



    All of that stuff is miles better than the blandness of NWNs.

  8. I think it was just a random nobody captured Jedi. But I am, actually, a bit confused as to exactly what her self-sacrifice was. She was captured, tortured, tried to talk to Atton, and he kills her.


    Atton's game dialog says that she "came to him on her own" "she wasn't a mission"...so not a captured Jedi, but one who deliberatly put herself in his path, knowing she would probably get killed. I think that's where the self-sacrifice bit comes in.

  9. That is a low blow ... predicatble as hell and unlikely to do any kind of damage since its as predictable as Bush making a reference to god when he makes a speech.


    [sarcasm] And I supposed the rest of this thread is going to do someone some damage? Seeing as how it's been so original and expressed in such poetic verbose eloquence so far...I'm practically shaking in my lil' Sith boots.[/sarcasm] :)

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