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  1. I am holding out hope for subclass wizards to get differing starting grimoires than what is currently the default. When a transmuter only has three spells in his chosen specialization in the beginning grimoire, it's rather underwhelming. I opted to dump the transmuter I drew up and went with a non-specialized wizard.
  2. I enjoy lurking on these types of threads, and this particular one didn't disappoint. I'll add my contribution to it, but I'll start with the following subcategories: Immersion, Tactics, and Lore. My immersion top 3 are: 1. MOTB 2. Pillars of Eternity (I'm a sucker for the Watcher zoom-ins that were baked into it) 3. BGII My tactics top 3 are: 1. TOEE (w/Circle of Eight mods...I couldn't play it otherwise). 2. Icewind Dale 3. Pillars of Eternity My lore top 3 are: 1. Pillars of Eternity (I love the hard cover books, novellas, as well as the books within the game) 2. Icewin
  3. I backed POE 1 and just made my backer payment for POE II. I am hopeful that the specs for POE will be the same for POE II, as far as which computer rigs will run it.
  4. I just tried to explain why this game resonates so much with me, to my wife. She didn't get it, and I really didn't expect it from her anyway. She couldn't tell you what Baldur's Gate is to save her life. The concept of playing a game for well over a decade is foreign to her (she's just not interested in games). For me, I am hoping, like many others of you I suspect, that I'll be playing PoE as much in the future as I have BG/BGII in the past. After having just watched and re-watched the Road to Eternity Part 1 and 2 videos, I'd say that wouldn't be a big shock to anyone if thousands
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