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  1. I think it would be better if there was a separate option (that you can't re-enable once you start the new game), rather than just fitting it in with Expert mode. Some of us like Expert mode & having the TAB functionality... I'm not playing a "find the differences between these two pictures" games or whatever those are called, I don't want to spend time scanning every pixel with the mouse cursor... I'd rather spend that time with the game's story & combat. You'd remember where every one of the containers are anyway, after one or two playthroughs...
  2. There really isn't any fix for this? This is absurd. It makes the fight impossible and therefore that entire level impossible to cross, since that druid - at least in my case - always casts the spell in the exact instant the combat starts... I know because I've had to retry the fight a few times (not all of them because of this particular spell, just me being a noob). I only noticed the effect doesn't go away once I've actually won the fight. Even if my main character isn't affected, I'd rather not have any of my characters die, at all. It's weird, because I've encountered druids befo
  3. Traps. I love 'em. When I found out they're recoverable with a successful disarm check, I was overjoyed... only to be immediately dismayed when I saw that you can only place one at a time. Why? I get that it's most likely a way to avoid abusing them (even though, it would be hilarious to see something like a dragon be taken out instantly by dozens of traps) but it could be easily solved. For example: -number of placed traps at one time proportionate to Mechanics skill; -have the traps' strength and damage, again, proportionate to the Mechanics skill; -give the enemies the ability to detec
  4. Perhaps this has been mentioned in the entirety of these pages of replies, but... First of all, no, there is certainly not a propensity of one class to be exactly what you expect it to be, I think you might have imposed that on yourself - as have I, when I first played it back in the beta stage. I've waited for the release and since then I can't stop playing it. I'm only 20 hours in, and with each moment that I play, it occurs to me that it's exactly the opposite. The game offers immense variety in customizing your characters/classes. What I'm trying to say is, no, there are no archetypes - o
  5. These look nice, good work! I was actually wondering if you could import portraits into Pillars of Eternity as you could with the IE titles , I always loved that tiny feature. How, exactly, does one do this in PoE?
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