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  1. Damn you are not releasing Lord Bolingbroke Polo 2018? I'll never ever buy another Obsidian game, ever. Edit: Ever.
  2. It only appears if you got the appropriate quest to visit it. Do you have it?
  3. Thank you Prestidigitator. Guess the Strategy Guide should have mentioned you need to learn their language first...
  4. I'm on the same boat... None of the spirits on the level will talk to me. I talked to the door, tried all the (wrong) passwords and went to the spirit at the far northeast of the map, he doesn't tell me the password.
  5. This will be a full-blown sequel to Minesweeper. Hear ye! Hear ye!
  6. ???: Children with lightsabers, but not Jedi, I think. This is indeed Kreia, as stated earlier. Just recently got the game and got to this part of her dialoge yesterday.
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