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  1. I think theres an influnce bug, cause I took Visas to Onderoon, joined Valku, agreed with her, let her "cleanse" the Cantinna, and not once did I gain influnce, yet the first time I played through it soared Wheres the damn pattttttch!!!?
  2. I hate the whole PC games in a dvd style box....the discs come loose, the manuals hard to get out, and gets damaged, plus the case only holds 3 discs, the 4th is in a white sleeve shoved behind the manual *huggles the Baldurs Gate2 box set* mmmmmmmmmmm
  3. To get the T3 conversation, you have to find the 3 droids that have been altered on Nar Shadaar, the casino droid, the swoop racing droid, theres one more but I cant rember where it is, you can also talk to GOTO about them when you uncover he's a droid
  4. Same thing has been happening with my party, full dark characters, and all of a sudden Meria is full light...meh?
  5. Put Bastila in a dark jedi robe, then strip her and you get her alternative "underwear"
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