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  1. That's odd. Carth's Blaster (or maybe it was the Onasi Blaster) mentioned that it probably belonged to Admiral Carth Onasi....
  2. Which, the no-email or the invisibility trick? Regardless, I'll try it again, soon-ish. Torment comes first. :D
  3. How does it determine what you recieve? Because I first recieved +3 STR, then lost my mastery, then regained it, only I got +3 CON instead of STR....
  4. Except when you use it on a KOTOR2 game, any items equipped automatically turn invisible (and random NPC heads--at least, the Sith Trooper ones--also turn invisible). Turning the "Cheat Used" flag back on fixes everything, though. Anybody with a working LucasForums account who can tell the developer? I tried to register an account, but never got the "Click here to activate" e-mail.
  5. Not to an Xbox game which lacks Live functionality, which Kotor 2 does.<{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh. That would cause just a little bit of a problem.
  6. The fun part is, there's not even a penalty for looting.
  7. Umm... can't Live content also be set up to be downloaded, too?
  8. Preface: My apologies for reordering your list; however, it will prevent repetition. Statement: Unless I am incorrect, the supplemental content for these games is optional (as opposed to Trials, whose installation is required to upgrade Icewind Dale to v1.42). However, these are valid examples of post-release content, if not exactly in the vein I had specified. Raven Software's maps for Elite Force and Jedi Outcast/Academy would also fall in this category. Statement: Alas, I have not had the opportunity to play either of these. Observation: It is dubious as to whether subtitles constitute "additional content", especially when many would have considered their inclusion in the original release mandatory.
  9. Or if you've read any number of the novels/anthologies/comics, including Tales from Jabba's Palace, Dark Empire, and some of the Young Jedi Knights novels.
  10. Observation: Additional art assets of the type you are describing are unlikely to be added in a mere patch. In fact, content being added in a patch is virtually unheard of outside of Blizzard Entertainment... ...and Trials of the Luremaster, by Black Isle Studios. Statement: Fascinating.
  11. Answer: here and here are topics dedicated exclusively to the patch. Other mentions appear to exist in other threads.
  12. Observation: You seem to be rather garrulous for a Jem'Hadar. Query: Did you find your actions in "Olympus Descending" to be... liberating?
  13. Answer: Because it is far easier to simply create a new thread than to use the "search" function beforehand.
  14. That one is explained. Maybe you got bit by the fast-forwarded-cutscene bug?
  15. I did. Nada. I also tried using their "Contact Us" thing to ask about it, but it's been three days (maybe more) with no response. Grr.
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