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NWN2 News November 2, 2007

Rob McGinnis


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Neverwinter Nights 2 Community Update

November 2, 2007


Hello everyone. It's update time again. For this issue we will be taking a look at a mod by Chimneyfish that makes the NPC heads available for playable characters. We will also look at an area prefab by SGK73 and we have a small interview of Kaedrin, author of some great Prestige Classes and some expanded spell books for some of the NWN2 Prestige Classes. But first, before we go too much further, please take a moment to answer this poll question.


Community Works


Playable NPC Heads


Looking for some more diversity in your characters? Chimneyfish has made the NWN2 NPC heads available to players during character creation.


This mod can be viewed here, on NWVault.



Area Prefab: Ritual Sites - Just Add Encounters


SGK73 has created another Area Prefab. His prefabs, always tagged with "Just add encounters," allow builders to create modules quickly and easily by providing high-quality, pre-made areas that can just be inserted into your module.


You can find out more here.



Kaedrin: Custom Classes for the Masses


In case you haven't been watching the forums, there has been a great effort underway by Kaedrin to create some Custom Prestige Classes. What started as a wish to improve one of his favorite classes, has turned into him becoming a one-man powerhouse of custom content creation. So far Kaedrin's work has contributed about 50 new spells, some new feats, a handful of prestige classes, spellbooks for Blackguards and Assassins, ammo crafting and ranged combat enchantment upgrades and new and revised spell domains.


As community members ourselves, many of us at OEI have been watching his progress with great interest, and enjoying the results of his creations, too. It's always great to see what community members can do in NWN2. So, with all of this in mind, I asked Kaedrin if he would be willing to share his experiences with us.


Greetings folks; my name is Matt and I go by Kaedrin in the NWN2 community. I returned back to NWN2 in May when work settled down a bit (I


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Thanks for the update, Rob. Really nice interview with Kaedrin. I have fully enjoyed all of Kaedrin's mods and really appreciate the hard work he has put into NWN2. Obsidian should look at incorporating Kaedrin's Fletching Pack into a patch since the lack of proper crafting has seriously hampered archery. Good seeing Obsidian ask what they can do to help the CC creators.


Downloaded Chimneyfish's NPC head pack the day it was released and am using it now. Very nice to add some different looks to my PC's.

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Though I've not tried these community implemented PRCs, it's extremely awesome to see them. Great work there!


And nice interview as well. It's great to see that you're taking an continued interest in the community and keep looking for feedback from modders. It's greatly appreciated Rob.


Now let's have another expansion! :lol:

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Great interview, Rob. Short and sweet. I gotta tell you, this blogging you do is the one that keeps my interest level up. As a site resource, this blog is the bomb. I have to re-update my links at the Citadel to keep up with these developments.


Thanks for keeping the Community aware, Rob.


best regards,


Admin/Moderator NeverWinter Citadel Project

Moderator NWN2 Forums for Obsidian @ Bioware

Community Representative

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