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NWN2 News Sept 29, 2007

Rob McGinnis


Neverwinter Nights 2 Community Update

September 29, 2007


We have had a busy week with the release of Mask of The Betrayer and the 1.10 patch. As such, the update had to be pushed back slightly, hence the Saturday update this week. For this update we will talk a bit about the 1.10 patch, Mask of The Betrayer and take a look at a veritable cornucopia of community-made custom content.


1.10 Patch

The 1.10 patch was released this week. It is the 1.07 patch with only data fixes, to cut down on any issues that could arise with MoTB since MoTB went to the manufacturer and distributor before 1.10 could be released. As always, we would love to hear your constructive comments on it and we have a thread going in the NWN2 general form on the Bioware site for you to report any bugs you may encounter with the patch.


As a general rule though, for this patch, if you are having any issues, particularly with performance or graphics anomalies, take a couple moments to rename the Neverwinter Nights 2 folder in your My Documents directory and start the game again to see if the issue is still happening. This often clears out any conflicts you have with files, hacks and overrides and will fix most issues.


Mask of The Betrayer

Mask of The Betrayer has been released in Europe and our friends over the pond seem to be enjoying it! The story in Mask is quite a bit darker than the previous NWN titles and introduces a new mechanic to the game: your character is cursed! We have also ratcheted up the difficulty in the game and I am hearing that many feel it is the most difficult D&D game yet: they really have to think through their encounters - no more breezing your way through.


It won't be long before it is released in America and Australia shortly thereafter. I know it's difficult, but we will have to put up with the European's teasing just a little while longer.


MoTB Missing Text Fix

Many are reporting an issue with missing text in MoTB. Please see this post in the Bioware forums for a hot fix.


Coming Soon!

So many of you have seen we have talked about the ability to use custom portraits instead of the default 3d portraits of NWN2. For those with MoTB installed, you can see that we have used this for the companions and other creatures.


Right now, there is no easy way to set the portraits for characters as you could during character creation in NWN1, so we started work on a system to allow this. But, after some discussions we felt that Persistent World Players needed something more. For those of you that don't play on PWs, it's important to understand that characters evolve on PWs, as well as the world around them. As such, we felt it would be great if you could actually change your portrait during play. So, once the feature is released in a patch you will be able to double-click on your portrait in the character screen and a portrait selection dialog (shown below) will appear. You will be able to change your portrait as often as you like and, as long as other players have your portrait in their portraits folder (My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\Portraits), they will be able to see the change as well. If you ever want to go back to your 3d game-generated portrait, just click the clear button.






Community Works


Glacier's Edge Sword by Freeloader



This sword model from Freeloader is one of the entries into the Custom Content contest. You can download it here from Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault.



New Armor by barrelofmonkeyzz and Runnerduck





This armor set by barrelofmonkeyzz and Runnerduck, while it is still only a work in progress, will also be an entry in the Custom Content contest. As it is a work in progress, no download link can be provided, but you can discuss it in this thread, in the NWN2 forums.




Both of the entries - sword and armor - look great! Good job guys.


Nytir's Building Construction Kit: Oriental Expansion



Nytir continues work on his Building Construction Kit by adding this Oriental buildings expansion. You can download it here on NWVault.


This package contains 107 parts suitable for oriental adventures. (Or Kara-Tur adventures in the Forgotten Realms)



With that, I bring this week's Blog to a close. As always, I will try to answer any questions or comments you may have. See you next week and Happy MoTB, for those of you that have it.


Recommended Comments

Hey Rob,


Thanks for the update; you all are doing a great job with NWN2 and bringing D&D to life. My wife will want to hug you with the custom portrait news; it was the one thing she missed most from NWN1.


Keep up the great work, you guys Rock!



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All I can say is that I am glad that I can hold my breath for extended periods of time. I am just waiting to get MoB as well as being able to download some of this amazing content from our Community members in this week's blog and others.


My Snap and Stack Placeables concept is apparently something others like too. Great, it keeps me from having to feel pressured to create them first. And that saves me a huge amount of work. Thanks all of you that are building more and more varied placeables for use in the game. You are my heroes!


Thanks for the reports, Rob, I look forward to them and miss them when they don't show.


best regards,


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Here comes the corrector! :D


You wroten "NWN2 general form", instead of "forum" I think.


You used the wrong link for "Glacier's Edge Sword by Freeloader", the right link is:


(you used a forum-shoter version).


Same thing for "Nytir's Building Construction Kit: Oriental Expansion", the right link is:



For now I founded those... If I'll find more, I'll report them!

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