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Interim Community Update

Rob McGinnis


Neverwinter Nights 2 Community Update

May 2, 2008


It's been a while since the last community update. As such, I thought I would give you a little teaser for some of the 1.13 patch notes, while I write the real Community Update. Please remember that this list is very much incomplete.


Bug Fixes



  • The toolset and game now load hak files in the same order.
  • Skills such as Search will no longer broadcast multiple messages to the chat window while in use. A single message will be displayed when turning the skill on or off.


  • The chat channel will no longer revert to Local when a player transitions to a new area or module.


DM Client

  • Fixed an issue where DMs would not receive messages on the DM channel if they were filtering out the shout channel.
  • The console command dm_setfaction will no longer cause crashes.


  • The toolset and game now load hak files in the same order.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not tint multi-selected tiles.
  • Light spheres shall now display properly.
  • Sound spheres shall now display properly.
  • The creature cache in Area Properties shall now work as intended.


  • The GetNextItemInInventory() script function should now work properly with stores.

Custom Content

  • The Skills.2da file will now accept up to 100 rows of data.


New Features



  • The chat system now has a /r command for replying to the last private message a player receives. After receiving a private message, the player can enter "/r" into the chat system which will automatically address a private message to the person that sent the previous private message.


  • The ItemPropertyActivationPreference property for items is now accessible through scripting.


  • A SetCollision(object oTarget, int bCollision) function has been made available. This will allow builders and DMs to turn the collision of a creature or placeable object on or off dynamically. This function is only useful on creatures/players/placeables that already have collision and will set collision to NONE if called on an object that never had collision in the first place.
  • A GetCollision(object oTarget) function has been added. This function will return the collision Boolean for an object.
  • The ItemPropertyActivationPreference property for items is now accessible through scripting.
  • A GetBicFileName function has been made available. This function will return the file name of a .bic file in a server vault.
  • New List Box functionality has been added to the game. This includes the following script commands:





  • A SetScrollBarRanges(object oPlayer, string sScreenName, string sScrollBarName, int nMinSize, int nMaxSize, int nMinValue, int nMaxValue) function has been added to the game. This function will allow you to set custom values to a scrollbar.
  • A SetFactionLeader(object oNewLeader) function has been added to the game. This allows you to set a companion to be the speaker in a conversation.
  • A GetFirstSubArea(object oArea, vector vPosition) function has been added to the game. This function lets you iterate over the


Recommended Comments

Rob can you indicate which of the scripting functions are native functions (i.e. in nwscript.nss) and which are derived functions (i.e. in an include file)?

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Great list of new features, especially the list box! Lets just hope they make it all in...

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This is great news! Mention of the two new (long awaited) GUI functions especially make me happy. :)


Thanks for the update!


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Thanks Rob for the good news. It's been a bit quiet recently, so this is really sweet indeed.


I hope we get more as soon as possible about the contest and MoW etc. :)

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I really hope the invisibility fix will be in the full update... Been waiting for it since the release of the game, and it should have been included with the stealth fix... :ermm:

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Very nice news. I really hope that The Skills.2da file will now accept up to 100 rows of data means we can add new skills without further problems, instead of reusing "discipline" and such. I precisely need this now for my custom crafting system, for skills such as hunting/fishing, woodcutting and mining.


I also hope the bug with the QuicktoMaster feat gets into this patch.

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I would like to see an additional fix for multiplayer chat that probably will not be too taxing. I have found that if I send a tell, then the next time I hit return to send a message the local channel is used rather than the graphically selected channel. For example: I am chatting in party mode. A friend logs in and I send him a tell. I then want to send a message to my party. If I hit return and start typing, the "/p" is missing and the message goes on the local channel. The /p will return as the default only if I click off of the party channel onto another channel and then back onto it. I would prefer the graphically selected channel to remain selected if I send a tell.


Also, it would be neat if I could change the graphically selected channel by typing. In other words, if I am on the party channel and hit enter, backspace over the /p and type /s instead, it might be neat if the mode switched to shout. This might need to be user selectable behavior because I imagine some people may use the backspace /s method I described to send a single message without changing modes. This feature request is much less important to me then the bug fix described above.


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It has been nearly three months since the last Blog post and over two months since the last comment.

Is everything okay out there in OEI Land?

All the silence is quite uncomfortable.



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