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  1. Very nice news. I really hope that The Skills.2da file will now accept up to 100 rows of data means we can add new skills without further problems, instead of reusing "discipline" and such. I precisely need this now for my custom crafting system, for skills such as hunting/fishing, woodcutting and mining. I also hope the bug with the QuicktoMaster feat gets into this patch.
  2. I do like it, but it's true that maybe the shoulders are more human-like than bird-like. I think if they are rotated and put down a bit along the body would look more like what we would expect in a dinosaur (for example the theropod dinosaur called deinonychus: image, instead of looking like bat arms. But of course I always like to change what WotC says...
  3. This goes to the heart of the role concept. Most people would agree that it's more rewarding (basically more fun) if in NWN2 you could really 'hide' (move your PC around, putting it behind pleaceables, move from one shadow to another, dropping to the ground if the orc is watching, etc) than just hitting a 'hide mode' button. The problem is, is it you that's hiding or your character? wouldn't that let a wizard hide as good as a rogue? if you are skilled with your mouse, would you have to make mistakes on porpouse if your character has few points in hiding? If we go further, and instead
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