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NWN2 News December 21, 2007

Rob McGinnis


Neverwinter Nights 2 Community Update

December 21, 2007


This is the last Blog for 2007. As we bring a busy year to a close, we'll take a look at a cool product, some shuffling in the Purgatorio team, an excellent modification to the game, another great tileset from the RWS guys and an update on the 1.12 patch progress.


An Interesting Product


Normally, I wouldn't be on here talking about other products, but we have been having some fun with this one, so I thought I'd share.


Matrox has created a hardware device that allows you to connect three monitors to combine them into one big monitor. Here's a shot of our test system showing what it's like:




You can find out more by visiting Matrox's website here:





Additions to the Purgatorio Team

So, with Monty coming over to Obsidian Entertainment, they apparently needed to bring on a herd of new people to fill his shoes on the Purgatorio Team. The folks at Rogue Dao have assimilated Baron and Hellfire and have started putting them to the whip to help finish up their Planescape mod. I know all of these guys will be great additions to the team.


Crafting Mod in Progress For NWNX4


Carter DC has created a great system for crafting in NWN2 - much like the old NWN1 Crafting System that was made available in one of the expansions. This system will allow you to change and re-color your armor/clothing and much more! You can check it out here on Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault.


New Concept from Robinson Workshops


The guys at Robinson Workshops have come up with a new concept for their tileset work: Pocket Tilesets. Their newest entry on NWVault, Pocket Citadel, includes an explanation of this new concept:


The concept behind Pocket tilesets is to make smaller tilesets, with the same level of detail (if not more) as our larger sets but to provide the basic tiles needed to create a good cross section of areas. the advantage of this is we can work a lot quicker because many of the basic tiles are simply variations of a type. We can produce these sets rather quickly and release them as such.


Along with this new concept, the guys at RWS have released their first pocket tileset - the Pocket Citadel. "Originally envisioned as an expansion to the Deep Halls Tileset but it gre to the point where it seemed to make more sense to release it on its own. It follows a more dwarven feel than the Deep halls set."


You can find this great tileset here on the NWVault.


1.12 Progress


Just a little update on the 1.12 patch.


As you know we are attempting to move forward with a new patch process. Some of those changes are a shorter development cycle to allow us to get the patches out to you faster, and a closed beta period where some community members can get a sneak peek at the patch and provide some feedback for fixes and changes. As we release more patches, the process will continue to evolve and improve.


The patches themselves will evolve along the way as well. Today, I will bring you the first changes to the 1.12 patch as we remove some items from the list to make room for some other, more urgent fixes.


1.12 Patch Goals (Dec. 21, 2007)
  • Eliminate the errors caused by transitioning with familiars summoned.
  • Fix the issue where the Use Magic Device skill takes priority over caster levels.
  • Allow Warlocks to be able to take crafting feats.
  • Eliminate area transition crashes.
  • Fix the issue where swapping spells on level-up makes characters invalid.
  • Update the Dedicated Server Creator to install NX1 files and model directories.
  • Provide more detail in the Multiplayer "missing file" error message.
  • Eliminate the item identification price discrepancies between the toolset and the price displayed in-game.
  • Fix 75 spells.
  • Make appropriate spells able to be scribed to a scroll.
  • Allow Armorrulestats.2da, and other files, to be readable from hak pack in-game.
  • Implement stealth animations for playable races.
  • Fix issues with Invisibility.
  • Bind the player list to the P key.
  • Implement the UI feature to change portraits in-game.
  • Implement multi-server portal support.
  • Increase the dedicated server player limit to 120.
  • Implement the ability to change the loot bag appearance.

Looking at this list, I still feel it is extremely ambitious, so it may get cut down a bit more. We are also still gathering feedback from the 1.11 patch and Hotfix, ,which will probably alter the list a little more. We are still finalizing things and development on this patch should be starting around mid-January.



Well, that brings this Blog to an end. From all of us at Obsidian: Happy holidays to all of you and best wishes in the new year!


See you next year!


Recommended Comments

I don't suppose you could change the patching program so we can download binary diffs instead of giant full files every time? I mean the hotfix couldn't have been that big of a change yet the patch is 45MB? wtf?

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I don't suppose you could change the patching program so we can download binary diffs instead of giant full files every time? I mean the hotfix couldn't have been that big of a change yet the patch is 45MB? wtf?


It's because you have to download an .exe with a different version number.

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I love the idea (and implementation) of the pocket tilesets since it allows small sets of customized areas to be used.


One request for the patches is a list of files that were actually touched. Going through and doing a diff on all the scripts and 2das that I'm overriding is time consuming but part of the cost of doing CC business. :)

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Actually by the time of the news, the plugin and the whole crafting system weren't available on the vault.


But they are now..


XP_Craft on the Vault


So you can test for yourself and add it to your own PWs.


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RWS has some great stuff. Some of their earlier work was a tad rough around the edges but they've gone back and re-textured a lot of them in their anniversary editions. Definitely work using and updating if you've already got them.

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