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Report some bugs

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1. After completing the first scenario, I got the scenario reward *and* the adventure reward.

(checked on the goblin adventure, but I experienced this situation in other adventure also)


2. In the collection screen, scrolling makes card numbers disappeared.


3. Ranzak's Yellow-Bellied power doesn't work sometimes.


4. Poog's Greenhorn power doesn't show banishing effect.



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in the "assault on the pinnacle" in the steam/pc version of the game. the buttons you click to decide loot are misclicking. if i click for items i'm hitting armor, blessings are unclickable, ect.



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1. Silas Vekker forces you to encounter forces you to encounter him twice.

2. Yellow Belly sometimes does work.

3. Greenhorn always forces you to banish animal boons even when you didn't choose it.

4. Dragging cards from discard pile into hand/deck sometimes doesn't work.

5. Aiding goblin characters with blessing powers (e.g. Kyra and Seelah) freezes the game and blessing power doesn't activate.

6. Promo cards are so rare I beat AD1-AD6 w/o encountering a single one. Is encounter rate bugged?

This game is unplayable bugger. I'm seriously considering leaving a negative review on iOS because it's basically unplayable.

Ethics Gradient

Ethics Gradient

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6. Promo cards are so rare I beat AD1-AD6 w/o encountering a single one. Is encounter rate bugged?

No.  The encounter odds are about the same as it would be in the tabletop edition of the game.
There is no set rate.  Promo cards are mixed into the pool of cards each scenario, and then from that set may be randomly dealt out into the location decks like any other card.  In theory, the best odds of finding promos should be in B-deck scenarios because there are fewer other cards they are competing against.

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