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Best PA development path

Multiplayer Questmode Steam

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I think PA is a great game. I hope to see it continue in some or many forms.

Here is my idea of the best opportunity to see PA continue.

1. On tablet or phone, Drop quest mode and concentrate on bug free story content and platform stability.

2. On steam, concentrate on multiplayer quest mode.

The dev team really has two products to grow, enhancing the revenue stream. Players can get different features on the two platforms. When all is working really well, there is still the possibility to merge it into one line.



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If I were Obsidian, I'd focus on releasing a flawless, bug-free version on Steam, all at once (or at least no more than 1 month between AD1 and AD6). Screw multiplayer, screw quest mode. Unless there's marketing research to show otherwise, the main draw of this app is the ability to play a solo game without all the setup of the physical version. If a high-quality $20 app came out on Steam and got good reviews, it would blow up.


I'm not saying multiplayer and other crap can't come later, just that the main pitfalls to avoid are 1) bugs that ruin the game experience, and 2) ridiculously long gaps between AD releases. Lack of multiplayer won't kill the game.

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