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Hey there 😀

From this thread on reddit:
Check out this document:

Feel free to read the entire thing, but for info on Pathfinder Adventures, skip to page 48.
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Obsidian earning net negative... sad days v.v



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Yep, They have to drop those programs that don't bring Profit... interesting to see what.

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Obsidian earning net negative... sad days v.v

It probably isn't as bad as it seems.

Among the seven Obsidian games that have been published and released since 2012, five games generated sales receipts to DRIL/Obsidian that exceeded Obsidian’s development costs, and two games generated sales receipts to DRIL/Obsidian that were less than Obsidian’s development costs. DRIL and Obsidian believe that one of these two games that have not covered their development costs will cover those costs within approximately the next 18 months.

Pathfinder is still listed as in active development, so it is entirely possible it is that one of two under-preformers still expecting to break even (presumably after the steam release).


And, even if not, there's this.  Paizo and Obsidian were reported to have a "long-term licensing partnership."  Between POE and Tyranny, Obsidian has CRPG fantasy well-covered, but exclusive rights to develop something in the Pathfinder setting is still an important consideration.  Whether the handful of ACG Adventure Paths, or the dozens of tabletop campaigns, there is a lot of material they can potentially experiment with.


Maybe Skull and Shackes and Deadfire will both drop in 2018!  Yarr!  It be the year of the pirate, mateys!   :p

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