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How about instead of nerfing everything into the ground, you exert a little self control and not use things you think are broken.  Not everyone wants to have to separately pull individual enemies.


Would you say the same thing if something is underpowered? OP and UP are relative, instead of ignoring these things that are too good and too bad, people in this thread is making solid recommendation to make the game better.



I don't know.  I'll let you know when they substantially buff something, or, alternatively, when people start posting threads entitled the big buff list.

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A lot of stuff is ridiculously OP without cheesing.


People get obsessed with buff/nerf which is a completely false dichotomy.


Imagine the Sword of Minsc does 30 damage, and the Hammer of Boo does 15, and the enemy has 25 health.


New patch nerfs Sword to 20, and people cry "noooo nerf is bad!!!! just buff stuff!!!"


So instead you buff Hammer to 25, and now everybody is 1-hit killing everything, instead of just people with the sword. That's fair, but kind of stupid.


So a new patch buffs enemies so they have 40 health.


Now the Sword and Hammer are sort of equal, I guess, but you probably need to buff everything else as well, from weapons to spells, because the whole equation has changed.


What's the point? Why not just adjust the sword? It doesn't matter if you're putting numbers up or numbers down, "buff" or "nerf" is not actually the most salient part. What matters is the relative strength of these things.


Another thing people say is, nerfs make things "useless", i.e. less exciting and significant.


Well let's say the Sword of Minsc was released with 60 damage instead. So it's chopping everything into fine dust. Then we nerf it to 30 damage. Is that still bad because it's nerfing? Or, considering how the Sword was already pretty OP at 30 damage in our previous example, is it a much needed nerf?


When Sword gets nerfed from 60 to 30, saying "wow that's a big cut because it's cut in half from before" is totally up the wrong tree. The real question is "is this a big/small/appropriate cut relative to other weapons and enemy HP and so on".


So I don't care if Obsidian buffs or nerfs. As long as different stuff is in a reasonable zone of comparable strength, so that there are interesting choices.

Guess what? The last patch didn't nerfed just one item, it nerfed most items while they weren't even OP... So your example and justifications are just bad... In fact I would say that most items/abilities are now completely irrelevant because their effect is just a joke. Do you even ask yourself why your PoE2 character has weaker abilities/items than his PoE1 version? 


Now there are just a handful of core abilities used to differentiate the classes, while the rest is just fluff. Also I'm surprised you find OP when a fighter can 1 shot an enemy (and why everyone picks melle as examples?), while a mage who tanks like a fighter and can 1 shot all enemies at once is just fine... Why nobody calls for nerfs for casters defenses/damage?


Who needs weapons now? You pick the melee class with the best suvivability, you combine it with a caster and you still have a better character than any melee class/weapon combo you had before the patch. People will start to talk now about how melee A/caster is so powerful and then a guy like you will come saying that it's obvious the melee A  should be nerfed because it's simpler than to change all the casters. How do you like my example? 



Did anyone say that "all nerfs are good"? Anybody? No?


I agree certain 1.1 nerfs were unnecessary and excessive. My point was that too often people state that "buffing is better than nerfing" as a rule. Which doesn't make sense.


It's not buff vs nerf. It's relative strength & making significant differences within that. E.g. the biggest thing I would recommend is scaling down the level-based acc/def gain, in which case the 'nerfed items' would suddenly become far more significant (and actually would have to be buffed across the board).

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