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Performance drop on 1.02



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Anyone else experiencing a serious performance drop with the new patch?

This patch cause screen tearing and jitter for me.No ammount of thinkering with nvidia control panel fixes it. Game was fine before patch.It's the same problem the beta patches had when I tried them,had to go back to unpatched game,didn't think the beta patch problem would transfer to the main game.It's like the game isn't actually using Fullscreen mode. (alt-tabbing doesn't fix it,usually does when it happens)


In your case if the game isn't in real fullscreen mode it would explain the fps drops.(personal experience tells me fullscreen mode offers better performance)I think they somehow unknowingly disabled real fullscreen mode.


*edit* do you have g-sync by any chance?

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Hello Stargazer55,


Patch 1.1 is currently out, do you still experience this problem with the latest patch? Others have had success with disabling g-sync in order to resolve the issue.


Hope this helps!



I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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