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Game hangs or stutters during combat


Although many people seem to have been experiencing frame rate issues generally, I have been having a more specific one. The game "hangs" or stutters, but only really during combat. The whole screen will simply freeze for a second or so, and characters will seem to jump from one location to another as the game catches up-- like lag in an online game. This seems to cluster particularly around times when I pause or unpause the game, and ALWAYS seems to occur at the start of combat after I unpause the initial auto-paused state the game enters by default when combat starts. It's not game-breaking, but it is annoying, and I would like smoother performance.


I attach the output log and my system specs. This problem occurs in every single combat encounter, large or small, regardless of location or context, so a save file didn't seem to be relevant.





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Im having a very similar issue. During combat, particularly when flashing effects are going on, the game hangs for 5 to 10 seconds, PCU use goes to 0, no disk or memory activity, then after a few seconds everything starts behaving normally

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And thank you for taking the time notifying us regarding the drop in fps and the frequent stuttering :) As our Developers implement a fix for this, included is a link to a workaround addressing the fps drop and stutter:





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