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  1. the game freezes during combat, particularly when there is a large spell effect. The game hangs for 5 to 10 seconds without responding, cpu activity drops to near 0 and memory doesn't seem to change at least as displayed in the task manager. It happens in every single combat and while not game breaking it is extremely frustrating and ruins a lot of the enjoyment of the game. I've attached my system specs. i attempted to attach an output log, but it was too large, as well as and error log and crash.dmp but both of those error-ed out for file type. DxDiag.txt
  2. Im having a very similar issue. During combat, particularly when flashing effects are going on, the game hangs for 5 to 10 seconds, PCU use goes to 0, no disk or memory activity, then after a few seconds everything starts behaving normally
  3. Playing with Valeros, Merisail, and Kyra in the scenario Approach to Thistletop. After completing an encounter with Gugmurt regardless of the result, he immediately encounters a second time. This happens on any encounter with him whether it is the first encounter or a repeat.
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