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BUG: Solo Rogue "Smoke Veil" Instantly Wins Boarding Combats


BUG: Solo Rogue "Smoke Veil" Instantly Wins Boarding Combat

When going through the scripted dialogue into boarding during normal ship maneuvers, and while playing a solo Rogue, you appear alone on deck. Activating 'Smoke Veil' and pulling out of aggro/vision range ends the combat immediately. No treasure is awarded and the 'Details' box shows incorrect information.

It is unclear to me if this affects quest items received like ship triumphs. I did not have a relevant quest while discovering this bug, and I am still investigating.

Attached are screenshots of the victory window, the ship I boarded, and my main menu (with version number). Please excuse any pixelation - I had to reduce the file size to fit posting limitations.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
v1.0.1.0064 (1153) -steam





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Hey BSpecific!


Thank you for posting this bug! Ill get it entered in our system so the devs can investigate the matter.





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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