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[bugs] Item upgrage + reflexive mirror + overheating





Some of my item have a false upgrade alert (the small x at the left corner) OR RATHER I can't see all the remaining upgrade options after I did some.

I'm pretty sure, its not all the enchant I see here.


some screenshot here


My watcher is a trickster/illusionist spellblade (not as good as I thought, btw). My reflexive mirror passive's visual sometimes stick on it, after battle.

Neither a new area load nor a new combat fix it, but reload the game.



I have a rly good HP Omen gaming laptop, but when I play PoE2, it's exceedingly hot. Her fans started to melt after 5*6h playtime.

But she survived 100+h Dark Souls 3 with max settings before :(



GTX 1060 Max-Q

i7-7700HQ 2.8GHz


1920x1080 120Hz

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I have found another item that has the same problem (small '+' - sign in the upper left corner, but no available upgrade): Skullcrusher, Flail, one-handed.


sorry, no screenshot, it doesn't work without a 3rd party app



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I feel sorry for your computer :( she shall not derserve this ;)


I'm a programmer too, and Obsidian deserve more than her sacrifice.

If I have to kill her for a good PoE2, I will ;) :D

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