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Sliders for better Combat!

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Need 3 sliders in the options menu:


1. Action speed

2. Recovery speed

3. Combat movement speed


Despite all the clearer combat efforts for Deadfire; it is still a bit chaotic and these sliders would go a long way for customizing the experience for individual players' taste; would fix some issues and shouldn't be hard to make(?). The current speed slider's lacking cos it modifies these 3 things together in the same direction.



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There's no speed slider that would make things much less "chaotic" as such. In parts the transition of inherently turn-based (A)D&D mechanics into the IE games worked better as their mechanics were different. Starting with that not every class had a lot of abilities, and/or was able to inflict various status effects on opponets, changing from one second to the next and piling up on each char as they do so. I personally think the more you add to this, the better something is suited to turn based. The prospect was developing an "IE style game", but the real time with pause aspect (which is fine in itself) is but one part of it (see above).

I think there's roughly two kind of players, which will impact your experience.


1) Those that simply enjoy fluid combat
2) Those that may enjoy such too, but still want to have an easy grasp of what is mechanically actually happening at any second

The folks falling under category 2 may find it a bit more of a struggle to adjust, as there's lots more going on than in any IE game (the same applied for PoE1 and Tyranny already). I just had a really busy fight in a dungeon, and whilst there was no need to --- trying to follow what was going on was tough and made pausing to check the combat log mandatory at every turn. That said, the inclusion of speed sliders is still a big benefit.

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