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[Quest]A Cordial Invitation


I received a quest A Cordial Invitation at Arkemyr's manor, but when I come to the manor, he and his servants immediately attack me. I can't complete the quest and I don't want to kill arkemyr (and I can't because he is too powerful)

what can I do?

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I've gone into his Manor, the imps and such are not hostile, but I can't find Arkemyr anywhere. Where is he supposed to be? The quest journal says his study. He isn't there, just an imp. I've looked everywhere else too, but haven't found him yet.


When exploring I came upon a tower with some powerful geezer, and one of the talk options were along the lines of "Arkemyr sent me", so it's quite possible I'm supposed to do that quest after talking to Arkemyr. The geezer is now dead, but Arkemyr can't be found.

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