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Eora cultures - real life equivalents

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So... have I gotten this right?




Aedyr - Equatorial England 


Deadfire Archipelago - haven't gotten into PoE2 yet, but what I see gives me a Maori Caribbean vibe. 


Rautai - Polynesia with mighty armadas, I suppose. 


Ixamitl Plains - South America and the savannah parts of Africa?


Old Vailia - Italy


The Living Lands - ?????


The White that Wends - Greenland. 

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Those elements are definitely there, but I think there's a mix of inspirations in all of them.

  • Old Vailia and the Republics don't map specifically to Italy so much as the old Mediterranean powers in general, complete with Turkish and North African influences.
  • Aedyr is mostly England but looks to have some French and German influences as well, at least to my eyes (the Dyrwood likewise has some Germanic/Central European elements).
  • Eir Glanfath is a bunch of Welsh psychic Sioux elves.
  • In the White That Wends, Sagani's people have some Inuit elements, but the pale elves we encounter from that region are harder to place.
  • Rauatai strikes me as Spanish and Portugese as much as Polynesian, and Kana pretty explicitly states that it's going through some social convulsions we'd recognize in the modern developed world.
  • Ixamitl seems like a mashup of Central American (certainly reflected in the naming) imagery and other stuff from all over.
  • Deadfire and the Living Lands strike me as more distinctly fantastical.
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If I'm typing in red, it means I'm being sarcastic. But not this time.

Dark green, on the other hand, is for jokes and irony in general.

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I don't know the lore very well, but I took a few hours to read the wiki yesterday, to know a bit more about it before i begin poe 2.

Here is what the language section says:





Aedyran is the language of the Aedyr and is spoken in the Aedyr Empire, the Free Palatinate Dyrwooda and the Penitential Regency of Readceras. Aedyran is derived from the now archaic dialect Hylspeak andEld Aedvran.

Aedyrans, Readcerans, and Dyrwoodans used to speak a language called Eld Aedyran that is an analogue for Old English/Anglo-Saxon, Old Frisian, bits of Icelandic, and Scots (for Hylspeak, a more contemporary version). j, q, v, and z do not appear in their words and names, though the /v/ sound is found in medial and terminal f. E.g. "Wyflan" is pronounced "WEE-vlan".

Dyrwoodans have appropriated some words from Vailian.


-Old Vailia/Valian

Vailian Republics and Old Vailia speak Vailian, which borrows from a mix of Italian, Occitan, Catalan, and French roots, but is Italian in overall flavor. "Romance-y", you could say. j, y, and x are extremely rare in their words and names.



The natives of Deadfire Archipelago use a language with some Inuit/Greenlandic roots.

People in Rautai (especially the nation of Rauatai itself) use a language with Maori roots.

People from Ixamitl speak a language with Nahuatl roots.


Apparently Dyrwoodans use somes words from Vailian language, which is probably the influence that gkathellar is refering to.

So i think Aedyr could be seen as England, and Vailia as some sort of Roman empire.

That is, if we want to make a comparaison with the real world, which is maybe true to some degree, but maybe not.



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