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as the title says, i have started a few days ago a blind run of this game on Path of the Damned.


Why? Because i have already cleared PoE 1 on PoTD many times, so i think i have what it takes to clear PoE 2 for the very first time on the highest difficulty.


But the problem lies in this simple fact. I have no idea what awaits me in the future, this time. (While on PoE 1 i started PoTD only after i cleared the game on hard...)


So, let me show you my party members.


I hope you could give me tips or suggestions, if in your opinion my party is not suited for a PoE 2 PoTD run.




1- Eder. Warrior single class


I use him as a tank focused on crowd control , not as a damage dealer.


Meaning that i gave him Defender, Sword and Shield Style. And the best Armour and Shields.




2- Amaleari, Multiclass Barbarian / Ranger.


I use her as my main Archer. (Barbarian in order to give her more life points per level, and the trademark barbarian buff skill for higher damage and attack speed for a short time)


Also, she goes without an armour because she needs to be fast.


Her stats are:


Level 3 , 54 life points


Str 19

Cos 5

Dex 17

Per 18

Int 15

Will 5




3- Ayrn, Multiclass Paladin / Barbarian.


She is my main damage dealer. Dual whield a Mace and a Sword in order to target all kind of weaknesses ( slashing, piercing, crushing )


Paladin for her skills. Barbarian for more life points, trademark barbarian starting buff, and the passive ability to hit more that 1 enemy at the same time.


Level 2 , 82 life points


Str 18

Cos 18

Dex 18

Per 10

Int 4

Will 10




4- Frejya, pale elf Monk single class.


Level 2 , 71 life points


Str 19

Cos 16

Dex 14

Per 10

Int 6

Will 3




5- Serena, Multiclass Druid / Warrior. Moon Godlike. Ranged with 2 guns.


No armour, because i need her to be fast.


Multiclassed as a warrior for more life points per level and because warriors ability + high Int for the druid are useful ( for example, innate heal is 6 life points for more than 60 seconds ).


I use her as :


A- an healer, thanks to druid skills.


B- A body guard for my main character, the barbarian archer.


C- A glass cannon to eradicate annoying or dangerous ranged monsters.


Point B and C means that she, having 20 Int, can morph for a long time into cat form. Run into the monsters and maim them in a short time.


Her stats are :


Level 1 , 56 life points


Str 18

Cos 17

Dex 10

Per 10

Int 21

Will 3




Notice that for the stat points of my party i added also the stats from items. That's because i'm so early in the game that my " items " are like only 1 or 2. Meaning, mostly of the stats that i wrote are Base Stats, not Base + item stats.




Party formation :


Front row is Eder and my Paladin/Barbarian dual whielding mace/sword


Behind is the Monk


Even more behind there are:


1- my Barbarian Archer


2-her wolf pet (pointless. I use it to block monsters that try to attack my archer)


3- The healer/bodyguard druid with 2 guns, with 18 STR and ready to morph in cat form to protect the archer






So, what do you think of my party ?


Could it works or will i be in trouble later in the game ?



Critical weakness of my party that i'm aware of are 2.


1- All have low Will, so my party will suffer from mental attacks like charms.


2- Druid and archer are more or less naked. These 2 girls may have some bonus of life points thanks to their multiclass ( barbarian and warrior), but i am sacrificing their defense in order to make them more fast.

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  • There are not a lot of charms in the game, except for 1 place I know, so you will be fine.


  • Every character should have proper defenses though on PotD, because enemy will one-shot them if not.


Apart from that really, you shouldn't worry at all, especially that you made custom characters. That's going to make the game a walk in the park. Current game -even PotD - is VERY easy, and you can cruise through it without dying at all.




To note a few things:


- I am not sure I understand the way you use barbarian, you say you use it for more health, that's odd to me. But yeah frenzy will help a lot.


- Priest is essential to every party I think, it's possible to play without them, but it's really essential.


- I think you lack CC honestly. You went for high health and high damage wtih all your party members, but that won't do anything in itself. In this game, CC is king and everything. Your fighter will definitely not do enough CC.


- You said the ranger pet is pointless. Most of a ranger's damage comes from the pet, if you don't utilize that, you might aswell use another class for your archer, like a rogue.


- What is your monks role in the party? You didn't write anything. Maybe that character has no real purpose there for you? You could switch it to anything like a Cipher / Wizard / Chanter.


- As a last note, the rule I play PotD is always, build every character to be able to handle any situation and you will have fun. As soon as your characters rely too much on each other, bad things happen.

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I can tell you that this game is much easier than poe1 in potd..

So don't worry I think you can get it through with anything..

I'm doing just fine with a bad optimazied party in potd and I never used a potion/scroll/drug till now..

My party is:

Fight pally tank low dmg

Fight illusion wiz tank low dmg

Single priest super squishy (3 con 3 res) support and heal

Single evoker wiz super squishy

Single wiz super squishy

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Oh, sorry about that.


My monk in easy fights simply is a melee fighter.


Else, i use her to go and destroy the enemy mages / archers, with the support of my ranged archer and druid.


Priests are very nice, but i find them not essential. In fact, even if they makes your life easyer, i greatly dislike that class.


CC is critic ?


If so, yes. I prefer dealing damage and doing teamwork to destoy my foes, even if it takes more time.


I use barbarian in multiclass because of frenzy mainly, but also because of the bonus to life points on level up.


Oh, i instead prefer the teamwork. Sure some characters works well alone, but my way of playing PoE is this one. Work togheter and win all fights. Sure, i have made some plan B.


For example, archer and druid can work as a separate party.


The idea is that i make the archer run away and fight in distance, while the druid / warrior cast on himself a healing over tiome spell + the heal over time bonus of warrior class + metamorph in cat form.

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