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I intend to have Brawler (Shattered pillar/Devoted) as a MC, but I have a few questions, if anyone can enlighten that would be nice:


1) Does Confident Aim works with fists?

2) Is unarmed viable for a multiclassed character (given that lower power level = lower transcendent suffering)? Is Nature godlike compulsory to catch up? Or is it preferable to dual wield weapons with the devoted bonus?

3) Do power levels stack? (say with Nature godlife and Acute bonus for example)

4) DO attributes from active abilities stack? For example The INT bonus from Acute and duality of mortal presence?

5) Does the two weapon style passive skill works with fists?

6) Last and most stupid question: when does an attack crit? What's the formula? I don't think I have seen it anywhere in game... Is it penetration, roll dependent, accuracy,...?



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1) Yes unless bugged.

2) You automatically get Unarmed proficiency and Unarmed gets Devoted bonuses.

3) Yes unless bugged.

4) Yes unless bugged.

5) Yes unless bugged.

6) You can check in your Diary. There is a Cyclopedia with mechanics explained. Your accuracy - enemy's resistance + d100 roll should be 100 or higher.

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