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[BUG] Whispers of yenwood "Silence the Dead" and Quest "Lost Dues in Good Faith"




      Enchantment of whispers yenwood  called "Silence the Dead"  is not working correctly.


      I checked the items.gamedatabundle  file and found the parameters of "Silence the Dead "  StatusEffects  were null as below.


{"$type":"Game.GameData.ItemModGameData, Assembly-CSharp","DebugName":"Silence_the_Dead","ID":"3749dc01-a177-47fd-a5cc-2e942e6e4f6e","Components":[{"$type":"Game.GameData.ItemModComponent, Assembly-CSharp","DisplayName":1583,"HideFromUI":"true","EnchantCategory":"None","Cost":0,"DisplayEvenIfCostZero":"false","CursesItem":"false","StatusEffectsOnEquipIDs":[],"StatusEffectsOnLaunchIDs":[],"StatusEffectsOnAttackIDs":[],"AbilityModsOnEquipIDs":[],"OnEquipVisualEffects":[],"DamageProcs":[],"AbilitiesOnEquipIDs":[]}]}





      Quest "Lost Dues in Good Faith" won't start if first time conversation with Kahn you ask for double golds reward from her.

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Hi. I played some time with Whispers of Yenwood and when i was in town, in tavern, i noticed that my will is too low, and when i pointed cursor on will in charecter list, i seen that i have 4! debuffs from Whispers of Yenwood. And they didn't end there. And i was not in combat, i was in tavern. If i remove sword in backpack, i have -1 debuff and 3 still remains, without sword. Tryed to rest, save/load game, start/end combat, debuffs didn't remove. Is it a bug or?)




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Hello CodeTalker,


The quest issue is logged currently and I believe fixed for patch 1.1


I will ensure that the enchant for whispers is in and being investigated, though I believe it already is. Sincere apologies on the lapse in time!





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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