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Hard crash when switching to Pallegina


EDIT: Does it with more than just Pallegina.


I seem to hard-crash whenever I switch Pallegina to my party while on the open sea; I'm unsure if the problem persists when going to port or if doing it in an inn, but I will try and get back (when I'm able to edit this post..)


I added a DxDiag and the crash report folders in a .zip, as well as a wetransfer link (see below.)


To mods: Sorry for the double-post, but I can't edit my post because it's waiting for moderator approval.






More Information...


After playing around a little bit, it seems to crash when I do these actions in this order:


1) Load game.

2) Dismiss a character from my party.

3) Add a new character to my party.

4) Play around with their inventory.

5) Dismiss them and try to add another character to my party.

Pillars Bug.zip


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Hello Vandell!


Thanks for your post and information! Ill get this bugged for our devs to investigate.





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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