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Okay firstly does vulnerable attack work with retaliation?

Also will retaliation from the following items all stack:


Coat of Ill payment

Hiro's mantle

Sutra's supper plate

Garodh's chorus


Also does burning wounds tick from retaliation?



I was thinking of making a barb which uses all of the above items and barbaric retaliation and still does good damage with bittercut. I don't like fire godlike

mostly because I don't like letting my endurance get that low. I would prefer to use coastal aumaua for the innate resistance to stun and prone and also because they are friggin huge and barbaric.


I figured that because barbs dont have super high deflection even with a shield then they will constantly be triggering retaliation when they get hit.



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VA does work. Ryona's Vambraces also work.


Retaliation from items does not stack. Not even different kinds like from Lavender Wreath and Binding Rope. Only one retaliation effect from an item. Only exception: Sura's Supper Plate will stack because it's a weapon and weapon enchantments stack with everything (in general).


Other retaliations that stack with item retaliation: Battle Forged, Flame Shield (those two also stack with each other), Barbaric Retaliation (also stacks).


Combusting Wounds does work with retaliation, yes.


An item that will give you automatic Flame Shield is the Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer.


Anothet good approach for retaliation+Combusting Wounds would be a monk with Rooting Pain. Also a Cipher with Pain Link works. Rogues trigger Deep Wounds with retaliation.


Note that this "trick" doesn't scale very well. Since the ret. damage doesn't scale with level or anything else it doesn't do a lot of harm to high lvl enemies. But Combusting Wounds helps to make it viable a lot longer.

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