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Companion Dialogue/Story Progression



So, I'm currently questing in Neketaka and after about 25h played I've experienced several instances of different companions wanting to talk to me (indicated by the speech bubble on their portaits) without anything happening/progressing whatsoever.


For example, is it normal that pretty much nothing has happened with Xoti's storyline since after she guided the first souls back in Port Maje even though she has done plenty more "guiding" after that?


Guess I don't need to mention Eder's quest not triggering at all since that seems to be a known bug. So far nothing has happened on Aloth' front either - I'm a little worried tbh and asking myself if I should stop playing for now.

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I am having sort of the same problem, but not with 1 or 2 companions, but rather all pf them as far as I can tell.

The promt to "I need to speak with you" and text bouble with pop up, but as soon as you clikc it, it goes strait to default dialog and doesn't progress. It has so far happed alot with Aloth, Edér and Tekéhu, but his is the most broken,


At the end I rushed the game to the end, and found out it is rather broken, as after you fight the guardian and enter the next zone, all the companions got conversations promts, yet none of them worked and poor Tekéhu lost even his default dialog (as it wont open at all).


Funny part is that the companions quest them selvs seam to get completed, yet still no new dialog.

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I'm having this issue as well, specifically with Xoti.  I'm in Neketaka and the little dialogue box image pops up on her portrait every once in a while.  But when I click on it, she just goes into her regular dialogue, and I can't advance her quest.  A few minutes later, the dialogue box pops up again.

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