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[Bug] Companion Dispositions not changing when loading different saves



If you have multiple characters with different Legacy choices selected in different saves, loading a different save (i.e. changing characters) will not switch a companions preferences in the newly loaded game. You have to completely exit the game, restart, and load the other character from the main menu to have companions preferred preferences appear.


This is especially noticeable with Aloth, as his disposition preferences are almost completely different between if his Legacy is to dismantle the Leaden Key or if he became the new leader of Leaden Key.


Loading a game where Aloth is dismantling the Leaden Key, and then loading a different save for a different character where Aloth is the new leader of the Leaden Key, Aloth will not switch to his pro-Leaden Key disposition preferences (in the character menu).



I currently have four different save games, due to a different.... issue... involving the Engwithan Digsite Sublevel that's already been reported and backed up by multiple other people, so while I was poking around my different save games trying to discover what impacts Legacy choices already make even in the very early game, I noticed this bug and, since nobody else seems to have reported it, I figured I'd bring it to everyone's attention.

Aloth: "Vela, that's not a very nice word... Where did you learn that?"


Vela: "Uncle Serafen."


Aloth: "I see.. We'll just have to have a little chat then, wont we?"

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