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It seems like a good combo for tanking:


Shieldbearer have +1 engagement. add +1 from shield and +1 from spear.


Pet is +1 engagement by itself and +1 from ranger talent.


Pet HP + Paladin HP + healing from paladin + healing from ranger + buff from paladin. That seems like a lot of meat shield.


On paper it looks really good. Anyone with some play experience can comment?



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What i understand, relying on pet for tanking is a bad idea lategame. Pet is more a bonus and the problem is if he dies you loose qute a few stats. May work but have hard time seeing it shine. All YOUR tankyness comes from paladin and by using a shield you reduce your output qute abit aka turn you into more buff/tank/healing char. You don´t get anything realy from ranger class. Ranger is mainly to add damage and something to distract stragglers from your damage dealers.

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