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Player Character level-ups




I increased the Dexterity of Merisiel to d12 + 1 and the hand size of Valeros to 5 cards. When I try to start a new game with these characters, if I click “load existing character,” the system says the character is already in a game. If I click “make new character,” the character’s are available, but without the experience level-ups that I mentioned. How do I play the game with characters who have experience level-ups?




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Now it is a little bit different. Party management has this nice little red (+) button that allows you to load an existing character or create a new one. One particular character (say, your leveled-up Meri) can be only in one party at a time. When you try to load an existing character that already is in a party, there will be a little lock present in the icon. If you want to unload a character from a party, you click the little red (-) button on that hero.

You cannot have two instances of the same hero in one party - so no Merisiel #1 teamed up with Merisiel #2 :)

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