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[BUG] Crewmen don't come to boarding action



I boarded enemy marchant ship and was placed 4 against 11 - 4 of my companions and 11 of the enemy crew. The problem here is:


1. My crewmen didn't join, which raises a question, is all my crew supposed to come help, which by the enemy AI count it seems so, or only the ones in a passive slots?


2. By the time I boarded, enemy had 5/11 crew. If I am understanding this number correctly, this ship only had 5 crew, or possibly, 5 crewmen were actively engaged and the total number of the available for boarding crew is represented by the second number - 11?


But yes, the biggest question was, why MY crew didn't join the fight... Slackers. No ale for a week, dogs. They will drink sea water, until they start helping. Drunkards...

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