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Modding audio files (removing voiced narrator)

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So the first thing I did when I finished downloading the game was poke around in the game directory files to see if there was anything I could mess with in terms of audio files.

Pillars of Eternity II > Pillars of Eternity II_data > StreamingAssets > Audio > Windows > Voices > English(US)

So I gleefully started making a mess (making sure to save backups, of course) and had SOME success.

There's a folder in there called "narrator" and while deleting everything inside did not remove ALL of the voiced narration in the intro, it did remove most of it.


My other goal was to switch Xoti's voice files with one of the defaults for the female player character, but that didn't go as well. :(

I crash to the main menu when I try to enter the map where you meet and recruit Xoti.


Still, I thought I would point this out to people looking to make some changes to the audio. Cheers!




EDIT: I managed to get past the obstacle with recruiting Xoti, and the voice set I swapped in for her seems to be working! But now, when she has a conversation available (the little text box over her portrait) I am unable to start the conversation.

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