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Seriously...who traslated the game in italian?

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As the title says. I have no words to express my disappointment.


1- Perception in starting screen has no description


2- The main character is considered as a male during all the dialogs of the game.


  I created a female character and both Eder and the Narrator refer to my female main character as if she was a " he ".




Point 1 i understand, but point 2 is not acceptable. It means the traslations was or poorly done or rushed. No much time, so everything was traslated only as if the main char was a male, because adding a traslation for a female main character would have taken too much time.



In all of this i ask myself : why publish a italian traslation if it is done like this? It's not some minor grammar mistake. My female is considered as a male during all dialogs. This turn my gameplay from entertaining to ridiculous.


I'm forced to switch to english language i guess...


Well, if you need a better italian traslation, i'm available. For hire.

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I feel your pain. Here's the thing. I'm a professional translator. I've translated about 70 books in the past 20 years. Dickens, Wilde, Pynchon, Doyle, Dylan Thomas -- also biographies of Disney, McCartney, Cleese, Salinger, Stalin's daughter. Fantasy or sci-fi wise I've translated Scott Lynch, Gene Wolfe, stuff like that. And so on. Hard stuff, demanding stuff, literary stuff.


First, my sense is that the understanding of foreign languages within Obsidian is either zero or very close to zero. After all, it's a North American company. I am prepared to stand corrected and take this back as soon as someone demonstrates that I am in error. I have an apology ready.


Second, I'm guessing that Obsidian are paying peanuts, if that, for the foreign translators. Consequently, what you're likely to get are Google translations quickly scanned through and edited in a hurry, if at all.


Third, because of point #1, there will be no quality control at Obsidian. Nobody will know, nobody will care.


The result is that unless there is someone with enormous dedication working on your particular foreign language, you are almost certain to receive a piece of cr*p. I'm sorry, but that's just how it is.

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