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So, I asked this question in a different thread, but maybe it is better to see if it gets more replies in thread devoted 100% to the question. 


As the title says, which one is "better"?  Or, more appropriately, what are some of the plusses and minuses that people who have played the beta (or, at this point, those rare few who have had access to the full release) between those 2 different sets of multiclass options?


If I were to make a cipher/ranger, am thinking that beguiler/basic ranger (or Ghost Heart) would be the way to go.  For chanter/ranger, I think that Beckoner/Sharpshooter would be really fun and make sense from an RP perspective.


Has anyone played as either or both of those multiclasses?


Thanks in advance for your input!

"1 is 1"

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I know this is a little different from what you're asking, but:

black jacket/ ascendant seems to have good synergy. look at the testing video scott Lufkin does.


you cycle through blunderbuss/pistol shots to get to ascendant state, then spam your cipher abilities. that'll be my second playthrough MC.


I appreciate it, but am going to be playing a ranger since that is what I last beat the game with.  So, I want the continuity of a ranger multiclass.  Just trying to decide between ranger/cipher and ranger/chanter, but I think that the list of possible companion subclasses already decided me, since lots of companions have the ability to multiclass with chanter (meaning, I might as well go cipher to have a well-varied set of skills and abilities). 


This is related to my original question, but do animal companions help build focus for a multiclass cipher/ranger?  I feel like they technically SHOULD, because while they aren't a weapon, they are connected to and bonded to the ranger... which should mean that their attacks also build focus (even if it is at a reduced rate).

"1 is 1"

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IMHO, Troubadour makes the core Chanter class obsolete unless you don't feel like microing Brisk Recitation.  It takes 20 Intellect to make it so you have 2 Phrases up 100% of the time with Troubadour, and I believe 30 Intellect for the core class and the other 2 subs.  There are a couple other catches to Troubadour, though.  I feel like you need to focus a bit more on Phrases to get good use of it, and simultaneously I think having the ability to only prep 4 Chants diminishes that a bit.  So, you have to be picky about what you select, or be ready to respec.  Or be ready to change your Chants mid dungeon if something isn't working.  If toggling the BR modal isn't something you want to do, and Skald or Beckoner aren't versatile enough, then I could see why someone would select the core class.  Maybe.  I would still pick Troubadour, and just pick a phrase like Ancient memory and leave BR on, and you heal + you will be casting some heavy spells. 


That said, Beckoner is incredibly powerful, and makes a lot of sense with Ranger.  Skald would work just as well with a Stalker, but otherwise I don't know.  Most Chanter Invocations are kind of small with a few exceptions.  I feel they work best either right behind the tanks or in the front lines.  The summons work at range much better, and require a lot less positioning.  Just remember that most offensive invocations have smallish cones, and you will have to move up to use them.


I think Ascendant and Beguiler both would work well with Ranger.  I am partial to Chanters, but I can see both of those being super powerful.  Using Beguiler spells to allow your pet to sneak attack sounds fun. 


Either way I think either option sounds like a winner. 

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I am actually experimenting in this regard and for my personal oppinion i have better synergies and fun with a Ranger/Chanter build then with my Ranger/Cipher build... but i am open for new ideas


but heres my build:

Caution! this is a glass cannon build!!!


Ranger (Sharpshooter)

Chanter (Troubadour) (not sure about that, maybe an normal Chanter would be better... still testing)


Wood Elf

Deadfire Archipelago/Aristokrat


MIG: 16

CON:  5

DEX: 20

PER: 19

INT:   16

RES:   3


Specialise on Pistols for the Fast Reload skill (dont know the original term because i play in a different language)

ofc. always on





Take what you like but i prefer debuff and creature spells


1. - pick a chant you like (i took the self heling one but the faster movement thingy seems ok too... its just a placeholder)

2. - "Two Handed Style" (for better doublewielding pistols)

3. - HERE COMES THE BREAD AND BUTTER: "Sure-Handled Ila Nocked her arrow with speed" for faster reload. you can either only chant this or chant it together with one other chant (thanks to Troubadour you have that option)

4. - ......

5. - "Uncanny Luck"

6. - "Quick Summoning" or "Improved Critical"

7. - "Mercy an Kindness followed where er she wolked" as an optional second chant




1. - "Marked Prey" is very helpful

2. - ...

3. - "Evasive Roll" if you like it or if you have the point left (actually 2 points (see below))

4. - ...

5. - "Evasive Fire" here comes the second point

6. - ...

7. - ...



1. - ...

2. - Marksman, Shot on the Run, Gunner

3. - ...

4. - ...

5. - Driving Flight, Uncanny Luck

6. - Improved Critical

7. - ...


The idea is to have alot of summons who are meatshields spam debuffs while you stylish doublefire your pistols

it looks great and so far it works quite well.


The problem in PoE2 is that the blunderbusses are not as good as in PoE1 the damge and penetration are somehow underwhelming (later in the game), so the Focus isnt stacking up that hard and also the spells for the Chanter are somehow a little bit better then the Cipher ones... (just my personal opinion)


What i have to find out yet is: Does the "Fast Chant" Troubadour special skill stacking up chant points faster because if so you can cast quite more spells


maybe this will help you to decide

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Well, I just beat it last night playing as a beguiler/ranger(no subclass).  I ended up going that way, since many of the recruitable companions can multiclass to chanter, and I didn't want the cipher companion on my first playthrough.  I ended up making Pallegina a paladin/chanter, and that worked out really well- tons of passive party buffs, plus summoning to help out the odds.


So, how did I play my beguiler/ranger?  Well, I stuck with bows and rapier and stilettos.  I was actually more dangerous in melee, but principally stuck to ranged attacks.  I worked with Maia, and we would scout out the territory together.  When we found enemies, I would look for the ones with the lowest will saves, and use Whispers of Treason... as soon as we had our impromptu traitor, Maia would then hobble the next melee type to slow them down.  We would each use our animal companions to knockdown approaching enemies, with Pallegina running in to support.  I got lucky and found a bow that delivers several extra shots in a single attack, and when I eventually got Driving Shot, I literally would end up with more Focus than I could actually use.  I would use my Watcher to blind enemies, give them flanked, dominate them, and terrify them.  Pallegina and our animal companions would go in and beat them down.  Worked pretty excellently.


A note, that while it is a very high level ability, ciphers can give Empower to their companions.  When I was getting close to end game, I would use that continuously, allowing Aloth or whoever to use empowered skills without losing any points, requiring us to sleep.  It was pretty great. 


I personally think that a ranger/cipher is BETTER than a ranger/chanter, in the sense that they can be slightly more versatile.  Now, if you were to play a stalker/chanter, that might make for a really cool build.  Stay with your animal companion, use chants to make the frontline more effective. 

"1 is 1"

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